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Dr. Anthony Rodriguez

New Member

I know that Amazon does not allow personal purchases from an affiliate A/C. I ave two A/Cs, a personal A/C and an affiliate A/C. But, when I make a purchase from my personal A/C, it shows up in my affiliate A/C as other.

Amazon said that to avoid the problem, I should clear all my cookies (standard techie response). Obviously, I cannot clear my cookies, which include my stored passwords.

Hoe do you handle this problem?

Thank you!

Dr. T
Passwords should not be in cookies not secure
your account is open in that browser session -- log out of that user and then log in as the correct user

When you clear your cache make sure ONLY cookies and files are checked. Uncheck stored passwords -- they are stored separately from cookies in another browser location.
it's a browser session there may be a session token cookie IDK
tokens e.g.; sldifOK9230Kksna1ogon=fn_E458bdfhHqnJLg$%n are used to associate a browser session with that user's account --not the password
When you log out that destroys the session (somehow)

That is how PCI-DSS billing servers work with tokens representing stored credit cards. The token is session only so each time it is unique and cannot be compromised after the session is closed (on a completed transaction).

When you delete your cookies, you manually destroy any open browser sessions also. You can log back in with your stored browser password if the [] delete passwords is UNCHECKED