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I have two websites in different product categories. One is musical instruments and another is shoes related. I use amazon affiliate links on my musical instrument site. Now, I want to use amazon affiliate links on my shoe-related site. So in this case, how can I use amazon affiliate links on my shoe-related site? Please anyone explains the process step-by-step. I'll be benefitted.
I have not done any Amazon stuff in years. Back when I was doing it they had several options for displaying the products on your site. As I remember it they provided several ways to do it including banners, short codes for embedding, and API integration. I always did the API because it had some pretty good flexibility and options. It was easy. I did it back then with WP.
That's interesting to me. I've been studying Amazon's algorithms for a long time. I think it might be a good option for developing my business. The last time I studied the information was from myrealprofit website. I liked the way it described how to increase my income. I would like to have a quality account and be able to sell for good amounts.
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sorry if I dont understand the question but are you asking how to add another website to your amazon links? or are you asking the best way to go about promoting amazon shoe products on your shoe blog?
just create a new tracking id
it takes 30 seconds
get it done & move on
only useful for reporting
cos if you use same tracking id on 2 sites
you still get paid