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Amazon click count


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I forward the traffic of my domains to a link tracker and from there directly to in order to get a cookie set. But the traffic i sent is much higher than the counted traffic on Why is there such a huge difference?


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Sorry, I don't know what Besucher is. The 1,157, is that the number of impressions, rather than clicks, maybe?
Besucher = Visits
Aufrufe = Impressions

Wow, that's showing a lot of click-throughs to your domains. You must have a great ad or landing page.

Just so I understand what you said....

Domain -> Tracker -> Amazon

Are you forwarding from the tracker to an Amazon product? Or you're using Amazon ad services?
They probably count only uniques or not all traffic you sent simply get it all on the link, have you counted that? I assume you should really be worry if you will get something like one hundred percent CTR and that's really it anyway. It's quite abnormal and shouldn't be used.
Type in to what?
Looks like bots or some other problem to me if the hits/clicks are all 302 from the tracker to amazon.
Possibly the link tracker could be on the blocker lists too.