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Amazon Affiliate account rejected for no good reason


I have a youtube account where I upload some product reviews, and I wanted to make a little side cash by using the Amazon Affiliate program. I made an account, successfully got the 3 required purchases in less than one week (over 500$ in purchases). After a few more weeks I got an email that stated that my account was rejected for not following the guidelines. I sent an email back as I was sure I met all the requirements, and they did not give a response with any helpful information. Does anyone know why this is? Is Youtube maybe not suited for affiliate marketing?

Unfortunately, I cannot share links yet, because my account here is too new. If you wish to see my channel, it is called Vylsa and if you look it up you should find my channel on top.

Also, the email they sent me stated that I could reapply for the program, but when I did that they sent me an email saying that reapplying is not possible. They seem to not like me, and I have no idea why.