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Am I doing things the right way?

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by Wilson Lau, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. Wilson Lau

    Wilson Lau Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Charles, we have talked in facebook for quite a while ago and I posted my earnings in the group that we are in and I was making around 1k per day from ppv. However, it dies faster than I expected. Just want to know from your experience that am I working hard enough?

    1) I am running cpa offers with fb ads, ( feeling uneasy because account will get banned anytime, got banned before), Find it hard to break through the 5 figure monthly due to the high disapproval rate.

    2) I am doing ppv at the moment as well, it's quite unstable because I did not have any prior knowledge of landing pages on any specific niche yet and I do DL only, I may be making 4 figures per day but when campaign dies down, I can easily down to 0( Still trying hard in process to get into traffic vance but it seem quite unlikely to get in for now)

    3) Unknown traffic sources. It seemed that many super affiliates are not running only popular and tier 1 traffic sources such as google, facebook,etc. I am not sure how did they manage to dig out "unknown" traffic sources.

    I myself been through the hardship of not seeing profitable campaigns after running tons of campaigns and I know there are no secrets to success, just hardwork and determination. I believe I have those attributes and mindset but just want to hear more from you as a super affiliate as this is where I am working towards as well:)
  2. newbidder
  3. charles_ngo

    charles_ngo Affiliate affiliate

    1) One secret to Facebook is to get your approval rate up. They actually keep a score for you. If charles ngo sends in 100 "safe" ads his score is 100%, so his ads more likely to get approved. Wilson has a disapproval score of 50%, so reviewers will look at his ads MORE CAREFULLY and he will most likely get the same ad disapproved, that Charles could get approved.

    Work on getting your score up by sending in "safe" ads.

    2) That's why you need to learn how to make a proper landing page. I would never do PPV without a landing page.

    The problem with doing direct linking PPV is it's unstable, and you cannot transfer the skills to any other traffic source. That's why guys that do PPV, only know how to do PPV. A true super affiliate can make any traffic source work. My suggestion is if you can do 4 figures a day on PPV sometimes, then great. Use that to build up your bankroll. Then start focusing on other traffic sources that are better such as Adult dating and mobile.

    But yes definitely try to get a TrafficVance account, it's much better than LeadImpact. Why? More traffic. Also anybody can get a leadimpact account so there is super high competition, for not as much traffic.

    3) More unknown ones can make money. If someone is profitable on them of course they will not reveal in public. You can find them at conferences, search for them online, etc. I My strategy is to focus on popular traffic sources and become better at them because you know they work. When you test out unknown traffic source you don't know if it converts or not. I rather be king of ocean, than king of small pond.

    Good luck man
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  4. Wilson Lau

    Wilson Lau Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the tips! I have tried adult dating before and I find it really competitive. I am using my winning landing page in facebook and when i moved it to adult traffic, it can still lose money. I guess in adult dating, it's all about timing, country targeting and also unique angle for landing page( correct me if I am wrong). Adult dating is a very competitive niche and I find it quite hard to kope with, it seemed like no matter how much i grind into it, I just find it hard to get the winning campaign.

    I have thought of venturing into the mobile market but I want to focus on a few first before focusing on other traffic sources.
  5. cricket chiu

    cricket chiu Affiliate affiliate

    Adult dating I am losing a lot of money

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