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Affiliates Wanted Affvaly - Direct Dating Advertiser | $5 - $25 CPL | Top Brands | $500 welcome bonus | Join Now

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Affvaly - Your Final Traffic Monetization Partner

Be smart
- Put 100% commission on your pocket by Monetizing your traffic with a direct advertiser, while most people share 20-30% even 50% with common networks.

If you’re not monetizing your traffic with Affvaly, you’re leaving money on the table. Affvaly is here to be your go-to CPA advertiser for the lucrative adult dating vertical, offering a premium network with in-house exclusives you can’t find anywhere else. We focus on quality over quantity so you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best possible profit margins for your traffic.

Get the official price from direct brands:
is directly connected with top brands in the market to provide you the best possible payout per lead officially from brands. You don't need to share the percentage of revenue with broker networks.

Offers flow and payout range:
  • PPL ($5 - $25/ PPL | SOI/DOI)
  • PPT ($10 - $70/ per small trial)
  • PPS ($20 - $120/ Per sell)

We are looking for premium partnership with
  • Webmasters
  • Media buyers
  • Social media managers
  • bloggers
  • influencers
  • Email marketers
  • Networks
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Contact us on skype:

Andreas - live:.cid.fd3580408efcdd66
Peter - live:.cid.77ff4ec69e6388dc
Burrell - live:.cid.8353627cc500d4db
Alberto - live:.cid.a9feb4a83ca894d8
This looks like a way better post than your colleague produced on here! Do you have a smartlink solution? I provide lots of worldwide e-mail dating traffic, but can't GEO target myself.

More info regarding my traffic here: Ask Me Anything - Adult Content Creation Journey - Follow Along!
Hello Demii, thank you for your comment.

And yes, we have our own pre-made SmartLink. Not only that, but also we can build you a custom SmartLink based on your needs. We have a great optimization team to ensure the best performance.

Please ping me on skype for more details: live:.cid.fd3580408efcdd66