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Adwords advise needed


So i want you guys opinion about the following.

I run several CPL campaigns, and started on 04-05-20 with a new campaign. I have made several sub-groups for the keywords like Broad/Group/Exact targeting. Each sub-group has about 30/40 Text-ads in them for best A/B testing. and with al groups combined its about 500 advertisements.

First 5 days i have set the campaign going for maximize conversies. And so far spend about: €915,00 and made: €1135

(So not to bad) first 2 days i was in negative ROI, and now each day 100% ROI so far. But i also see that Google is keep decreasing the CPC bid... which lowers my income... My target is 50% ROI , but i need to keep volumes high, as i have a big budget that i need to spend (due to my business model)

Now i'm just wating untill the first 5 days of the learning are over, but now i'm wondering, when the 5 days are over, what should you do?

A) Go for ROA campaign setting
B) Go for CPA Goal

Important for me (like i already said) keeping the clicks volume high, as the CVR is pretty high anyways (almost always 20/25% CVR)

Also of course, when i'm going to switch campaign settings, i will start excluding bad performing ads


A well-structured AdWords account is a must if you want your ad spend to turn a profit. The foundation of a well-structured account is all about relevancy. Using a Google Ads optimization tool such as RecommendMe could be a good bet. The service analyses your account data 24/7 and pinpoints where you can improve. You can then immediately drop what isn’t working, optimize what is and roll out proven PPC techniques. I believe you can try this kind of services for free and understand if this approach works with you. Hope this helps.
Next time please read the actual question.