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Adsense Alternative?



Does anyone have a viable Adsense alternative? I love Adsense and I am totally impressed but I believe in putting your eggs in different baskets. (I just cashed my first check. $7900!)I registered for the beta Yahoo program but they sent me an email saying that it is not yet ready. Ideas?




I don't think there are any publishing networks that can compete or match adsense. I am using Bidvertiser, Clicksor + Adsense and adsense has worked great for me so far. I haven't tried Yahoo! ads as of yet; but I think they would kinda be matching or would be close to Google's Adsense.

I have to still check out Azoogle.


My personal recommendation is oxado.

Oxado is like adsense, it finds the best ads by scanning the contents of your site. For some other networks, you have to write keywords for every site you register.
It uses Miva amongst other advertising networks, and guarantees the best payout in the industry.

They also have a GREAT support, I contacted them and 10 minutes later I had got an answer!

The downside is that they pay in euro, so if you're living outside EU you have to cashout with moneybookers.


Adsense Alternatives

I recently posted the thread "Adsense Alternatives"
on several marketing, webmaster type forums
including this one.

I have compiled and summarized all the results.
I hope everyone finds this helpful.
I sure learned plenty! - This name always came up first but with
very mixed reviews. - A clickbank adsense alternative

Yahoo YPN- Similar to Adsense but they do not accept many sites.

MSN (To come) Hopefully a worthy competitor to Google.

It was suggested that I use affiliate programs
in conjuntion with Adsense.

Here is an interesting article on this subject.
The largest performance-based advertising network
Looks very serious. I had one good testimonial
and no negative.
They do not take EU people though.
Has a program called Google Backfill.

It gives you an alternate url for your google adsense account which
will replace the public service ads displayed on your website
with targeted advertisements that look exactly the same as google.

It auto detects your colors and styles and automatically displays
the exact same way google does.

All you have to do is select a few keywords that are
revelant to your site, and it will display targeted
advertisements in place of the public service
ads automatically! -
Unlike Google's AdSense and Overture'
Content Match, where nor the advertiser and publisher have any
control of the advertisements' quality, pricing and timing.
Bidvertiser On-Site Bid Per Click offers website owners with
the ability to sell their ad space, automatically, to the highest
bidder, on a price-per-click basis, where the price is
mostly effected by the quality and popularity of their website. is like adsense, it finds the best ads
by scanning the contents of your site.
Great support. Pays in Euros.

Here is a KILLER list provided by Nick Wilson
with explanations of each program.
Definitely bookmark this link! - I have used them as an advertiser
not as a publisher. They delivered clicks
and sales at a respectable levels.

One suggestion was just to sell my own
link advertising to individual advertisers.
Always a possibility to keep in mind.

IntelliTXT Programs-
These type programs double underline
relevant keywords in your content.
When the reader moves his mouse over the
words a relevant ad is shown.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful in
monetizing your websites.



Chitikia is definitely a good option. I have applied twice and have failed both the times but I have heard that it's pretty GOOD! Also, I have an account with bidvertiser and it isn't that good. It lists the prices that you get based on the ad that you click. Most range from 20 cents and up. I have around $9 with them after one month. They don't look at Page impressions but only clicks.


I am constantly looking for nice publisher networks...what are your statistics at the moment and for what site do you have those statistics?

Please let me know...Thanks!


what an eye opener

Gee this is certainly eye opening to see that there are so so many seemingly highly viable alternatives to adsense. I wonder how now to make duplicate sites to see how they do side by side allmost.
Learning is key, as ever.
Thanks all