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AdNetworks and Traffic Reality

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by shreedharcva, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. shreedharcva

    shreedharcva Affiliate affiliate

    Hi All,

    I found one topic specifically terming adnetworks as stupid . Everyone of the affiliates here have gone through the agony of experience of diedown networks.

    DieDown Network : A network that serves you good traffic when u signup and deposit, but eventually starts sending you crap traffic and slowly there will be zero conversions for your campaigns.

    Actually speaking, these networks are the most culprit networks.

    1. They lure you for money deposit just like Forex Binary Options.
    2. Once they get hold of your performing campaigns, they start sending you the remnant traffic.

    You may have read what Attila mentioned in his Starbucks Campaign "traffic sources have interest so they won't really kiss your ass until you show them you mean business.".

    Yup, unless you start depositing $xxxx with the networks on Media Buy (Managed services on CPM) , no network will heed to your needs.

    So those $50 networks whatever you see are the one that are serving the trash, and you die optimizing the campaigns as hell.

    So what is the solution for this???

    1. Signup with DSP's with higher deposits, and discuss with the Rep for performing inventory listing.
    2. Signup with SSP's with large number of direct app/game developers.

    Again coming back, which are those DSP's that one can try ??

    a. PocketMath (You need good connects to get a login, well I do).
    b. AvaZhu
    c. Merchenta
    d. ElloInc (BullzAds) - Our 2 DSP networks. (One accepts $200 and other $250 as min deposits, and both are Managed for customers, no self serve, but open for fixers on Invites only).

    And SSP's are the ones out there everyone knows about. Just get in tough with some game developers and they will tell you which adnetwork they try for their app ads.

    1. StartApp
    2. RevMob
    3. ChartBoost
    4. MobClix
    5. AirPush
    6. MobileCore

    etc etc

    Hope I have added some value to the forums.
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  2. newbidder
  3. Daniel Bernhardt

    Daniel Bernhardt Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

  4. shreedharcva

    shreedharcva Affiliate affiliate

    Yup that's why I asked for Refund of my account from your network!.:D:D
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  5. Daniel Bernhardt

    Daniel Bernhardt Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    You are the Network Rep of Vizzapps...Why did you use our network if you have your own? ;)
    Or did you use our network? :D
  6. shreedharcva

    shreedharcva Affiliate affiliate

    I' Apologize if you are hurt Daniel, I was just kidding.
  7. Sunnie Almobi

    Sunnie Almobi Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, exactly. Nowadays, There are many ad network have low quality traffic. You should monitor your campaign every time , and see if there has click and conversion.I suggest that if possible, you can choose FB and Google Adwards.

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