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When segmenting for A<=>B or multivariate testing you can randomize or:

There are some things you can do to try to ensure that people learn about your feature, but you can't control all the channels that people use to learn about your feature. You can't randomly assign some people to learn about the feature and not others.

There are a few ways to segment your GEO or media sources, but ultimately, it comes down to understanding what feature or change is having the biggest effect on conversions. For example, if you're looking at conversion rates by country, you might want to segment by region (North America, Europe, Asia, etc.) to see if there are any differences. Alternatively, you could segment by traffic source ( organic, direct, Referral, social, etc.) to see if there are any differences there.

There are a other things you can do to ensure that people learn about your feature:

1. Use social media channels to generate buzz and interest around your feature.​
2. Make sure your feature is well-documented, so that people who want to learn about it can easily find information.​
3. Get press coverage for your feature, so that people who read about it in the news will be intrigued and want to check it out.​
4. Make sure your feature is easy to use and accessible, so that people who come across it will be able to take advantage of it without any hassle.​

The term 'feature' is a generic idiom.

A feature is a generic idiom that can be used to describe anything that is considered to be a positive attribute or quality. When used in relation to people, a feature can be used to describe a physical characteristic or a personality trait. For example, someone might be described as having "beautiful blue eyes" or as being "very outgoing." When used in relation to objects or places, a feature can describe a desirable aspect or a selling point. For example, a car might be advertised as having "low mileage" or a house might be described as being "in a great location." In general, the term "feature" is used to highlight something that is considered to be positive or beneficial.

The term 'feature' in a second context is a functional capability that your web or native app has, such as the ability to serve video or to post content behind a paywall.

A feature, in the design sense, is an element on a webpage or app that is meant to draw the user's attention and guide them through the interface. Features can be small, like a button or a CTA tagline, or they can be larger, like a background graphic. Good features are those that are easily noticed by the user and that add to the overall aesthetic of the page.

A feature in the functional sense is a capability that an app or website has that makes it more useful or interesting to the user. For example, a feature might be the ability to play video, or to post content behind a paywall. These kinds of features can make a big difference in how user-friendly and useful an app or website is.