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A Twitter System? (who is also doing this?)

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by schniek, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. schniek

    schniek Affiliate affiliate

    Hey there, just a quick share with you guys.

    I've been playing around with twitter for a while and have seen a marked increase in clicks on offers (may not sound like much but per tweet I am getting about 30 instant clicks......strangely no conversions......maybe I must choose better offers?:!?).

    Anywho, thanks again for the tip about twellow (in a different post), I like it, allows you to choose your potential followers to the T.

    Ok most of you probably also know TraffUp.net. They have got this awesome retweet service which goes something like this.....you write down your tweet, assign how many points other people get for retweeting and choose the minimum number of followers these people should have to allow them to retweet your tweet...simple as that.

    If my math is correct...assuming you have racked up 1000 points (easily doable in half an hour), you assigned 50 points per retweet (you have to be generous), and allow a twitter with a minimum of 100 followers to retweet your tweet --> you would have your tweet going out to (i) the twenty people wanting to retweet your tweet, plus (ii) the 2000 others from the 20 retweets....that would make 2020 potential hits (if they qualify geographically etc). But the potential is there.

    Now I don't know if the guys who actually retweet do it only for the points, i.e. retweet your tweet and then simply delete the retweet after they have received the points. Has anybody out there more experience on this and maybe advise if I am wasting my time on this system?

    And another thing.....since one can't choose the geographic location of the retweeters choosing a good international offer that a lot of countries qualify for would be wise. On that note.........can anybody recommend a network that has good international offers?

    Thank you kindly.
  2. ytz
  3. damnsmiley

    damnsmiley Affiliate affiliate

    Very lovely...I'm going to try this out. I have some ideas I'm going to test with this method. Thanks for sharing bro!
  4. smilodon

    smilodon Affiliate affiliate

    Nice system mate. I doubt most people delete retweets, as they are likely not their real profiles.

    BUT, if you get hits, and can automate this, you are absolutely not wasting time. Maybe if you can automate it add adf.ly links to a iframed page of your offer?

    Anyways, thanks for sharing this, interesting method I didn't read about before.
  5. swecoder

    swecoder Affiliate affiliate

    Trying this now.. bit skeptical about adding a URL, at least if people are like me.. click the link to get the points, then x out.. no conversion ratio worth mentioning. No, I think the real benefit here is follows and retweets.

    Would be interesting to hear if anyone has been successful with CPA landing pages though.
  6. swecoder

    swecoder Affiliate affiliate

    Very small, one day, 1000+ point test:

    I set up two accounts for traffup (the general idea was to create a new one for each campaign). On one account, I accumulated 1400 points and on the other 1100.

    On account one (1400) I made a landing page available as a direct link for 25-50 points per view (I changed it around a bit in the beginning before going to bed), on the second account I made a retweet available for 50 points.


    Landingpage - 34 views/1 Clickthrough / No conversions
    Retweet - 22 retweets/19 clicks

    Now, the retweet did not go to a landing-page, but to a blogpost (I had a reason for this), but it's pretty obvious that a retweet is worth way more than a direct weblink on traffup. However, that I even got one clickthrough to the salesoffer through the website link is more than I thought I would, though the sample size is very small of course.
  7. Andy Haskins

    Andy Haskins Affiliate affiliate

    Very interesting technique that I will have a look in to today. I reckon with the right scaling and targeting it could hold a lot of potential.
  8. swecoder

    swecoder Affiliate affiliate

    As I mentioned, the "website" option is useless. I tried it again with a blog I set up just for shits and giggles, and while I got my pennies worth of views, none stayed for anything more than the allotted 30 seconds, and none clicked anywhere.

    The retweet is so so. I got a lot of hits from twitter after using the retweet on a tweet with a link, but I'm not certain that it's not just a twitter-spider or something. The referring URL is an api-json url.

    Like I said, if I'm ever going to use this seriously, it will have to be through the retweet functionality.. website or followers aren't worth anything, because remember, they're on Traffup for the same reason you are, to pad their own follower-account or get traffic. These aren't quality visits or followers.
  9. schniek

    schniek Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks swecoder for your tests and others for your comments!

    I agree, for websites TraffUp isn't any good. Also, results from the retweets from my experience up to now have not been too good - a decent amount of clicks, but very little conversions. At the moment the effort put in is more than the reward, but I will still stick with this for a while and try out different variables.....i.e. what time to allow people to retweet, add some geo redirects to other offers to get a bigger audience. Once I've exhausted all options I'll move on :)
  10. swecoder

    swecoder Affiliate affiliate

    So, after 2 years I'm revisiting this. Mind you, this ran for just a week or so back in 2012, and I have hardly checked the site or twitter account since then, but here's how this particular site did:

    My Twitter account gained 32 followers through Traffup, and I got about 50 retweets. Since I didn't have any offers in those tweets, I have no idea how good those "leads" were.

    Since then, I have 352 followers in Twitter for this particular account, followers in a very particular niche (that's kind of hard to monetize). The project itself was quite a good lesson. The niche is image-heavy, and Pinterest was an awesome traffic driver, whereas Twitter was extremely low (although I had only like ONE call to action tweet, the rest were just particular quotes (which were quite heavily retweeted and favorited though)).
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