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A comeback after a drastic fail. (mini-bio + tips from a savvy)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by FrozenGod, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. FrozenGod

    FrozenGod Affiliate affiliate

    Sup everyone?
    I'm an Incent CPA savvy and was making bank on CPALead back in 2011, I even remember when I first saw AffiliateFix when it was still a regular vBulletin forum (if I'm not mistaken, the owner was a part of our mini-community on CPALead chat).
    Anyway, I've moved from CPALead to other companies and managed to make as much as $50k/day with Incent CPA (mostly Giftcards).

    Some screenshots (I really like posting them, it proves that we all can):

    Then when Facebook became so strict - I've started building pages and purchasing some from people who didn't realize the potential.
    So 2012-late 2015 were awesome because I've been making around $20k-$30k per month with my pages and networks like Diply.

    Most of the money got invested into ambitious projects like PublishEfficient and MightyClickers. Both of them were shut down and the staff was fired because one day Facebook has decided to block my whole pages network and I was left with zero budget for life (not to talk about investments).

    So a year ago my life turned from awesome to a freaking nightmare, thinking what can I do to make some money to pay for rent and buy food.
    I was always the person who said that making money is easy, and never understood whining people, always promoted entrepreneurship as the ultimate way and described this path as easy as long as you really want it to become reality.

    Heck I was wrong... I've done so many mistakes (which I will describe below) and "God"/"Universe"/"Life" KO'd me so hard that I'm barely standing on feet now.

    Some major mistakes I've made for people who are currently banking to take into serious consideration:

    1) CHILLING: When you have enough, don't let it deceive you. Seriously, making $50k per month can be a bit overwhelming in terms of self-discipline and motivation. You can feel that your hunger is just not there, that you don't dedicate enough time to your business, starting to think that your workers will do the job for you, THEY WON'T!
    I was always the guy who wants to eat the world and be a Billion Dollar Monster but for some reason being just a bit richer than most of the people around me was feeling so great and the Illusion of "I'm rich now, I can do the f*** I want, money will work for me now" was huge. Even if you're making more than your whole neighbourhood together, as long as you're not on a $5M mark you can't let yourself stop because if you do, a day will come and you'll be here writing a sad introduction post just like me, or in the best case you'll just sit on your $1m-$4m your whole life (no fancy Bugatti bro/sis).

    2) DUMB INVESTMENTS: Well, if you look on the projects I've worked on, on my great days, you can think that they're not dumb at all (I agree), so what I mean by saying Dumb Investments and why are they DUMB? Because there are literally 100's of calculations and considerations before you start working on a serious and ambitious project which I unfortunately didn't' make (and you should). Some of them are:
    A) What will be the cost? Instantly multiply your calculation by 3.
    B) Will you have enough money to sustain life and move forward if it fails?
    C) Is your current revenue stream dependant on someone else? (Facebook, Google, Apple, etc..) This means that if you are using 10's of Facebook accounts to push traffic with FB Ads and want to invest this money into something big - You'd better stop, because if Facebook applies an update tomorrow and you can't run those accounts anymore, you will be left with a half-project and no money.
    D) If you are not a multi-Millionaire yet (or got $1m-$2m), will this project become profitable after a month? a year? 3 years? When you're not a rich-rich person you should only Invest in short-term projects which will become profitable for you after a max of 3 month (call-centers, simple SaaS, small marketing agency etc). This is the only way to build an empire, building small and expanding. DON'T START WITH AMBITIOUS, MAKE IT AMBITIOUS OVER TIME.

    3) LACK OF EDUCATION: Now this one I totally hate. I hate education. My early-life success made me a self-confident maniac. I believed that no one can teach me how to do sh*t. I'm the boss of my life (and like 15 other lives) at 21-years old. A success story.
    Heck I was wrong.. Even when you're on the top of the pyramid -> KEEP LEARNING. An example where I could use education is my office, I had 15 people working for me and instead of being there supervising everything the whole day I was showing up for a hour (I'M THE BIG BOSS) and going to a restaurant (lol).
    This was partially because I've lacked some self-discipline but mostly because I really thought that this is the right way to do biz. My team was a total mess, everyone were doing something random, I had no idea how to build a team that ROCKS and when someone experienced tried to teach me how to organize the workspace so it will operate 300% better I was refusing to hear at all costs.

    Aight guys and girls, I have so much more to say but I don't want this post to become a wiki so ill stop here.
    I'm on the start line again, traded my bimmer for a mazda and truly believe that this time I will make it big.
    A year full of depressions is over, going to start from scratch, but this time I will make it different, and if you find anything of this related to you I suggest you to do the same.

    Currently I'm on Facebook Ads, some Media buying.
    Promoting mostly Binary and Forex.

    I will be glad to talk to anyone in need of some motivation or help, and will be more than happy to build partnerships and to receive some help from others.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2017
  2. terraleads
  3. Marc

    Marc 武士- Spamurai affiliate

    Wow Wow Wow - What an intro, @FrozenGod !!! :)
    It should be made "sticky" or get the "Gold" badge.

    So welcome to Friends and Family :affiliatefix::ninja:

    [On a brief note: one of my golden rules is never to spend more than half of what you earn.
    + not sure, whether you will get happy with BO and forex.]
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  4. FrozenGod

    FrozenGod Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks mate!
    I'm actually not so happy with BO and Forex but that's the only thing that brings some money now.
    Me and a partner have also made around $15k with @ogads and CPI a few month ago but the CPC for the niche we created has doubled in that time and unfortunately we couldn't come up with a new niche that would be as good as this one so far.
    I'm striving for success, but I haven't been doing anything for a long time and now it's extremely hard to get up on track with anything considering that there is no budget to test things out.
    I'm sure that i'll make it since I already did it before, but I have discovered something interesting about the way we think:
    When I have just started I had no limits in my mind and no place for depression nor doubts in my heart.
    After that massive failure things started to change and sometimes I feel so much negativity and doubt that it amazes me, how a mind can store a negative situation and remind it to you every time you're trying to do something.
    I guess that's a lesson anyone will attend, just hope not all of them will have a harsh one like I did.

    P.S suggestions about profitable niches, scalable campaigns and methods (just a tip will do, i'll research on my own) are welcome :)
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2017
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  5. Zach AdsBridge

    Zach AdsBridge Affiliate affiliate

    Welcome back! What a story! I'm glad to have your experience here on the forum!
  6. FrozenGod

    FrozenGod Affiliate affiliate

    And I'm glad to be here, hope to write a success post soon to hopefully inspire those who need some light.
  7. Marc

    Marc 武士- Spamurai affiliate

    Only that much: with Facebook Ads you are certainly on the right track.
    About niches and campaigns probably nobody will tell you something, because nobody wants to "educate" his own competitors. So only a "well known secret": gaming is evergreen, works for the 1 to 100 demography ;)

    Yeah, I know this from myself and many other people and other life areas: Our brain unfortunately has the tendency of saving the negative events well, but to forgotten the good things rather quickly :(:p

    Like @Zach AdsBridge already said, we hope with your immense experience you will be a long-standing contributor to the forum ;):affiliatefix:
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2017
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  8. appsmarket

    appsmarket Affiliate affiliate

    I was in a similar position as you, luckily my income didn't drop like a rock but I was doing a bit more volume then OP with apps a few years ago, like he said when you're making 50k+ cash a month your brain goes into a certain "mode"

    i think part of the problem comes from sudden wealth syndrome, where you make a crap ton of money really really fast and you just can't process it and end up blowing most of your money on dumb shit. Part of it is being young too, when I made a lot I was barely 20 years old and pretty stupid, but luckily with age you gain wisdom and more knowledge.

    I think the key is to never stop working or grinding and just ignore how much you're making when it's big, just gotta keep scaling up
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  9. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator

    Welcome to AffiliateFix @FrozenGod !

    Interesting history, loads of wisdom gained along the way I expect!

    Looking forward to your posts and threads.

    Check out the new enhanced membership option here.

    See you around the forums.

    T J
  10. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    Hello FrozenGod. Welcome to AffiliateFix Forum. It's such a touchy story and those who have gone through such a state can relate to it. I have been in your shoe and can understand how you must be feeling. Your post & experience can inspire a lot of person out here. Best wishes for your journey ahead.

    Have a nice day :):affiliatefix:
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  11. abdellahi

    abdellahi Affiliate affiliate

    what a story keep moving
  12. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    Inspirational, Motivational, Challenging life you lead @FrozenGod , welcome back to affiliatefix.

    Not everyone can see themselves in the mirror, you see it and express it to the world. Highly commendable .. i guess you have touched many lives for sure here.

    KEEP WalKing!!!!!

    Best wishes...
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  13. ballstatus

    ballstatus Affiliate affiliate

    Hi @FrozenGod! Thank you for sharing your story, raw and honest.

    I don't have much to contribute as I am very, VERY new to affiliate marketing and I'm still living in (mostly) rags (not yet riches), but I hope to learn a lot from you and I appreciate you sharing your story. I feel I can more openly learn and talk with you than I could with the people that are usually trying to sell me a product by telling me how they make millions per day and with just a few quick steps anyone could. I always think, "Ya, so easy when you are lucky enough to have it (sarcasm)!"

    Anyways, great to meet you!
  14. FrozenGod

    FrozenGod Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you so much everyone.
    I didn't expect for so much warm replies, you know when you live it everyday, it seems like everything is normal and nothing special happens around, but I can now see that everything has it's own purpose and actually I think that I got more power from your replies than anyone could get from my original post :)

    It is important for me to reply to this because we're in the same situation right now, just with a small difference.
    This business is both tough and rewarding, anyone who tells you "Making money on the internet is easy" is lying.
    The thing is, you gotta love this job MORE than any other job to success because things won't go smooth 99% of the time.
    Things will get dirty and you will feel like you're alone, especially with all those marketers around that you mentioned that are trying to sell you a product every time they talk to you.
    But on that 1 time you make it - you are on the "wave" and feel like nothing can stop you.
    You gotta have PASSION because at those very hard times when nothing goes like you expect and you feel broken there is nothing that can keep you pushing except passion, friends and family will try to stop you every time you fail and marketers will always see you as Dollars, but passion is yours and no one can take it from you!
    How to become passionate about something:
    You should really focus on things you like instead of focusing on the money outcome (without forgetting it of course), IM has literally hundreds of different aspects. You can decide that Media Buying is what makes you passionate, or if you hate dealing with statistics you can always go for something lighter like Instagram or even eCommerce + Dropshipping (you'll still have to deal with stats but you can start without digging too much).
    You are the only person in the world to decide what you can do and what you can't/not ready for/don't want to do.
    Get in charge of your life and please realize that you're the KING of your life. Do whatever fits you the best and you'll see how passion and motivation are filling your chest 24/7.

    Now an important note about those people who are "usually trying to sell you something":
    This is the way this business works mate, when I just started IM I have bought $1k worth of products over a 2-month period and guess what? I still think it was worth every penny. NONE of those products will teach you how to make money unless you take the info and start tweaking and adapting.
    You see, no one will really teach you his own methods but the information you'll get there is at least 70% of what you need to start making profit (especially talking about products on this forum).
    I still remember that the most famous quote you've been seeing on every Sales Page back in 2011 is "Take Action".
    To keep a long story short: Only you can decide if you're going to take value from the product or leave it for good cause you just don't feel like taking action after reading it.
    Don't be harsh on yourself nor on other, this is a jungle, you have the right to fall from a tree and everyone else has the right to "eat" on you - You should just learn, tweak and adapt :)
  15. Marc

    Marc 武士- Spamurai affiliate

    That reminds me of Steve Jobs' famous Stanford Speech in 2005:

    Yeah, especially if they don't understand the Internet and its possibilities ...
  16. FrozenGod

    FrozenGod Affiliate affiliate

    Ha! For some reason I didn't appreciated Steve as much as some other big names, I don't know, he was just not my type of an idol.
    Seems like we shared the same views tho. Cool!
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  17. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    Don't worry , he didn't cared for anyone's appreciation. Steve's vision and true passion reflects in where "Apple" is and will be.

    The trick is to work on the business and not in the business .. he knew that puzzle very well and operated like no one else on this planet...!!! and become a Synonym for the word "Success".
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  18. Socalsurfero

    Socalsurfero Affiliate affiliate

    Great post! Huge respect for what you were doing and the money that you were pulling in per month! Wow! I am just getting started and so I want to teach myself as much as possible as quickly as possible. Do you have any tips about manuals or tutorials, youtube videos or any credible sources that I should study?
  19. FrozenGod

    FrozenGod Affiliate affiliate

    Hey there!
    First of all, welcome and be aware that a day will come and you'll thank yourself for making the decision of going into Internet Marketing.
    Honestly when I just started I was buying every product that had my interest, I wasted some money (which I took from family) and eventually started practicing. One method after another I had like 4 months of failures but for some reason I was really certain that I'm going to make it, until eventually I started making a couple of dollars here and there and as a result of good NETWORKING I've had a method that made me as much as $2k a day.
    I'm telling my personal story because I can't really tell you where to look for your success because it's yours :)
    You will have to look for things that have your interest, practice a lot (don't become one of those info-addicts) and try to network as much as you can.
    Talk with other marketers, learn from the pro's and brainstorm ideas with newbies.

    Regarding some credible sources: It really depends on what you want to learn. There are dozens if not hundreds of aspects to IM and choosing the one that fits you is an important part of success.
    Anyway if you still need some sources I would suggest these:

    YouTube Marketing: BlasterSuite - Search for their manuals and webinars before you make a purchase. I've made my first dollars with one of their softwares and the creators are really great guys.

    Media Buying: I'm more into testing and optimization thus I don't have much time to read and get my hands on info products but THIS guy looks legit and a mate said that he has plenty of information on his membership to get you rolling. Note that Media Buying will probably result in a loss of funds but when you have a working campaign.. worth it :)

    Just gave you the first two info-sources that came to my head, if none apply to you - keep looking.

    Side note: You don't have to purchase anything to learn how everything works, you can lurk the forums and get plenty of free info but it won't be on the same level as the products you pay for.
    Think that even the product creators won't share their best methods, why would someone do that on a forum?
    You can on the other hand get an overall understanding on how things work just from reading forum posts.

    Those are my two cents.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2017
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  20. Socalsurfero

    Socalsurfero Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks. What you said makes a lot of sense. Why would anyone give away their secrets for free? This is a game and so.. yep I understand. I will look into your recommendations and take it from there. Also I think that I will mostly lurk on forums and play around online by myself and possibly purchase products here and there based upon positive reviews and my needs etc.

    Also, one last question for your friend. What advice do you have about purchasing and cheap websites, domain names, and hosting etc? I have a good eye for writing fascinating content on cool things ranging from surfing and traveling so I was hoping to create websites based on these niches. Any tips on that? Once again thanks man. :-D

  21. Jojjua

    Jojjua Affiliate affiliate

    Great post. Are you sure you need somebody's help? Cause from what you you told us I should be the one asking you for help :D hahaha

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