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$720 in 3 Days from a Dead List - First Time with eMail Marketing

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by ianternet, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. ianternet

    ianternet Member affiliate

    I haven't been on here in a long time, decided to go ahead and show some stats on my first attempt at email marketing. So first here is the screenshot....

    So there you have it, the data even giving you the type of device and the crazy part is users are entering their credit information on a mobile device. I found this interesting because entering CC information on a mobile device is hard. Apparently the demographic didn't find it hard enough to enter their CC info.

    Luckily using AdRoots, it allowed me to break down the clicks to some devices, which I found interesting.

    I also found this weird because on my own offers, I get more desktop than mobile CC submits. So I found it interesting.

    These were btw affiliate offers that I am promoting to a dead list, that really havent been touched after 4 years. I never did any sort of email marketing because at that time I was generating high revenue that I didnt have time to utilize eMail marketing.

    In the industry I am in, most affiliates/offer owners do not generate revenue from their list. They either give it to a third part to squeeze as much revenue they can from the end user.

    So when I first started I didn't push offers right away. My goal was to get open rates and CTR. If I was gonna blast the old list, I would probably get banned. Happened twice btw when I was starting. Even after cleaning my huge list with 2 service providers. Which also cut my leads to almost half.

    So I started thinking how to increase reputability. I was searching and found out my first goal should be to get inboxed > opens > clicks.

    I am currently using GetResponse Enterprise but also utilizing more recently a new service to scale high. I was even thinking to split up my emails between multiple services like aweber, markethero, drip, sendlane, etc - just putting 50k leads into them and managing them. Time consuming... so for right now I am still thinking on what I need to do...

    After about 90 days of just trying to get the CTRs and Opens high, I started slowly adding offers into the email and was getting conversions. Not much, last month I only did 1.5k in sales. Not that much but have to start somewhere with a new system.

    So after getting the clicks and opens at a decent rate and gaining trust, I started getting and recommending users to offers. Acting as if I was the owner or friend of the product. I am not sure if those email numbers are good, roughly around 2% conversion.

    If you are in email let me know how I did with the conversion rate and EPC. Let me also state that this isn't my full list this is with just 10k leads to test my strategy, I still have a ton more leads to re-engage with. I just want to post this to see who has some knowledge about my numbers and see if they are good numbers to my test.

    Since this basically free money, besides paying the GR and servers and copy - it literally free money and so I want to know if there is a bare number on conversions opens ctr etc.

    Can I get some thanks! ;)

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  2. Voluum
  3. DEADZ

    DEADZ Affiliate affiliate

    This was a nice read. I'm planning to get into email marketing at the moment.

    Mind sharing (even if it's just a hint) as to how you managed to grow your list to 10k?

  4. ianternet

    ianternet Member affiliate

    I have my own offers so the 10k leads is just from orders being partials to buyers. it is a small portion of my actual leads.
  5. NewTT

    NewTT Affiliate affiliate

    hi Ian,thanks for sharing.
    Here is my question: before using Getresponse, you already had built your own email contact list?
  6. Alexis.adverten

    Alexis.adverten Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Gey Ian,
    It was really interesting to follow your story. Thank you for that. May I ask you what niche your audience is related to?
  7. ianternet

    ianternet Member affiliate

    this is all health related.
  8. thelegend

    thelegend Affiliate affiliate

    This its the power of email marketing .Please give us also some stats how big was your list ? ,you send only one email to make 700$ ? Thanks
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  9. Eric hunter

    Eric hunter Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hey @ianternet !
    Thanks for sharing, looks like you know what you doing.
    I wanted to ask you if you don't mind, where do you control your list? To which platform you upload your list?
    (From where you sending the offers to your list?)