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60 day cookies-- too short?


New Member
A satellite affiliate program I contacted only has 60-day cookies. Is this too short, since some companies have 6-month and 999 day cookies? The company seems great other than that-- no chargebacks or fees on returned checks, high payout, etc, but the cookies thing worries me. Also, he said "clickthrus are displayed on a 'last clicked' basis." I know I'm highlighting my ignorance by admitting this, but I don't even know if this is a positive or a negative. Help?
Thank you!
P.S.- sorry for all the questions, but this forum has been a Godsend!

Linda Buquet

Hi Lauren,

Glad our forum has helped you so much.

The questions you ask really are good ones.

In general, the longer the cookies the better BUT it depends somewhat on the product. Plus there's a tail. Most people buy within the 1st week to a month in most industries. In general the more techy and/or the higher the price the longer it could take to make a purchase decision. Not sure about the satellite biz.

60 days is actually considered fairly long. Many programs are just 1-14 days.
The % of people that would buy 9 months or so later and still have your cookie intact is pretty slim these days. So 60 is fine.

Last click gets the sale in MOST affiliate programs so that's a good thing.