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50onRed update Pops to a NEW bidding method - Hello PROXY Bidding

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by FunKeyword, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. FunKeyword

    FunKeyword Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Screenshot 2015-01-14 02.13.06.png

    Holla PPV advertisers,

    Great News from 50onRed! A couple of months ago I would have loved to hear what bidding method you guys prefer between TrafficVance and 50onRed cause they were conceptually very different. A month ago 50onRed have finally introduced Proxy Bidding and now match the same way TrafficVance bidding works. (only on pops though)

    Here is my FunKeyword explanation of the newly coined 'Proxy Bidding' used by 50onRed and TrafficVance - An advertiser who wins a bid for an impression pays a fraction above what the bidder underneath him bid for. Sounds complicated? If you bid on a keyword $1.14 and the bidder underneath you bid on the same or contending keyword $0.37 then you will pay $0.371 for that impression even though your bid is obviously much higher! In fact you will almost never expect to pay the price of your bid.

    So here is a fun challenge for you :cool: ...... After reading the 50onRed >Proxy Bidding Explanation< what is the curious thing about their implementation which makes you scratch your head with confusion?

    Feel Free to contact me,

    [email protected]

    P.S - be sure to check out our previous post regarding the FunKeyword Keyword Tracking and Bid Management SaaS beta client program.
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Interesting...

    I've been seeing this "proxy" thingy next to my targets and thought it had to
    do with an actual web proxy. I'll setup a campaign and test it out... looks promising.
    The the bidding wars begin !
  4. FunKeyword

    FunKeyword Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    After you test it out come back and give the rest here some feedback. If you are using any tracking software then please try using the 50onRed {bid} macro within your destination URL and let us all know if this is sending you the correct impression cost now that it is not identical to your bid value.... if you need help doing that here is the explanation about macros from 50onRed.

    Their old definition of what this parameter returns is now outdated and therefor confusing to advertisers "The CPC or CPV bid, or how much the click cost".
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  5. luckskywalker

    luckskywalker Affiliate affiliate

    I sent you an email Franky.