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4 reasons why campaign is not converting as high as you wish?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by StaceyRicci, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. StaceyRicci

    StaceyRicci Guest

    Every affiliate knows that campaign could bring a lot of payout but sometimes because of several reasons campaign can not convert as good as you want.
    There are many reasons why could it be, but let's look on 4 main ones, which I can say are quite often for newbies in affiliate marketing.

    1. Content of Landing Page is not relevant with context at advertising text.

    Of course every approach to find client is good. But no reason to hunt for clicks when you need leads and conversions.
    Advertisment text should match Page content very well. Use only true texts. Do not try to attend "ghost" clickers attention by tasty but fake advertisment text.

    2. Page supersaturation

    Toooo much everything

    Too many colors, texts, pictures, graphic elements - it could easily play not on your side. That kind of approach is not persuading TA (target audience) to make a deposit (an order/to buy something).
    Too colourful page is just defocusing TA.
    Good Landing Page is oriented only on showing to TA what it needs. Person should understand immediately benefits of your product and short easy information about it. Statistics, references, direct information about the product - this is all you need.
    If it is your LP dont waste your time about a lot of lack information. If you are sending traffic to the offer, check it carefully.

    3. Call to action

    Use strong call-to-action words and phrases like: "10 tickets left! Go and buy!", "You can register only in 24 hours!", "Fully sale in for last weekend!" and etc.
    Tests are showing, that playing with call to action phrases could increase Conversion Rate more than for 24%!

    4. Mobile Traffic

    Yous should always be careful with mobile traffic. It is not so easy monetizing with traditional methods. Mobile Internet users are not usually clicking on context advertisement and banner on websites.

    To summarize, I wish to put you attention how important it is yo choose right offer with your affiliate manager and be familiar with all nuances.
    We have to remain sober and know everything about offer we are promoting.
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  3. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    Very good advice, @StaceyRicci , thanks!

    This is my favourite part! Such a simple little thing but it can have huge effects on your campaign.

    Knowledge is power, as they say. In this business, research is such an important tool. Without doing your homework on an offer, you stand to lose ad money and possibly success in a campaign.

    Thanks again! :)
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  4. JC Munoz

    JC Munoz Affiliate affiliate

    It really all comes down to experience. The more time you spend on this business the more you are able to optimize from learning from your own mistakes.
  5. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    Thank you StaceyRicci, Those are some good advise.