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3G and Wifi - Working with Adnetworks

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by Mobidea, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Mobidea

    Mobidea Affiliate affiliate

    I think it’s important for newbie affiliates to understand how to work with adnetworks as far as 3G and Wifi traffic is concerned.

    In fact, you’ll find some adnetworks which allow you to split 3G and Wifi, and others that won’t.

    If you work with adnetworks that can’t split 3G and Wifi, you should pick one of these options in order to be profitable:

    1.Choose to invest in countries in which the profit from 3G traffic compensates the overall spending on traffic (including Wifi).

    2.Choose countries in which Wifi and 3G have a similar performance.

    If you work on adnetworks in which you can split traffic, here’s my tips:

    1.Create only 3G campaigns. If the eCPMs within operators of an affiliate network do not vary a lot you can launch a campaign for all the 3G together. If you see a big difference in eCPMs, I suggest you split your campaigns by operator. This is the only way for you to adjust your bid according to carrier and performance.

    2.If you think Wifi is worth testing in a specific country, I advise you to create separate Wifi campaigns. That way, you can make your bid be much lower than it was for carrier traffic. This is how your bids will start corresponding to the profit you’re expecting to make.

    Hope these tips were useful to anyone looking to explore the media buying business.

  2. Voluum