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  1. itsbeamagency


    WE ACCEPT CRYPTO PAYMENTS / 20% CASHBACK ON META — 20% Cashback: For daily spending over $1k, we reward you with 20% cashback. To maintain this benefit, the account top-up must be made the previous day in USDT and must not be less than $1k daily. — Expedited Process: Upon payment of the...
  2. thescreendoor

    HELLO! Nice to Be Here!

    Hey everyone, Nice to be here. Coming from a few other forums and finally decided to get going on this one. I have been in affiliate marketing for 10+ years but I still have SO much to learn. I am excited to be here, share (hopefully something relevant) and get help. One thing I have discovered...
  3. JoshLedgard

    Hey all! I'm Josh!

    Hi all! I'm Josh Ledgard. I'm a huge baseball (Red Sox) fan and I also play to this day. I post personally at about anything that comes to mind having recently migrated off of "big social" networks. I'm one of the founders at Setup Viral Giveaways In Minutes With...
  4. J

    Introduce Myself JP

    Hey Guys. My name is JP. I would be happy to support/help anyone out on this Forum. Please feel free to Message me anytime.
  5. Lionel Johnson

    Entrepreneur In Affiliate Marketing

    Hi! My name is Lionel. I am an entrepreneur in the business model of affiliate marketing. I’m all about establishing passive income businesses that work for me on autopilot.
  6. P


    Hello affiliate marketing community, My name is Pourya, I come from Iran and I am very happy to be a member of Affiliatefix, Special Thanks to for providing us a nice platform to communicate and share Ideas together. I wish you all, all the best.
  7. Joseph Chikeleze

    Hello, Am Joseph chikeleze. Good Day All

    Am new to this forum. Am Joseph by name and am an affiliate marketer. I started making money online from 15 years old. I blog at WpBloggerTemplates where I share the very best blogger Templates to new bloggers.
  8. P

    Hello Friends

    Hello Everyone, So excited to be here. I'm in the program called advertising bait. We give away UNLIMITED vacations incentive... Want to know how we do it or interested? Please put your comment below. Or I can give you a taste of free vacation. Either you want Mexico, Australia, Thailand or in...
  9. mixon

    Hello Affiliate Fix

    Hi, everyone. I'm Mihail SignBucks manager. I'm pleased to welcome all members of the If you don't know - the most established adult directory with 100% of all CCBill, NATS and EpochStats programs listed.
  10. Alpinum

    Hello Friends

    I am a new member of this community. I am still learning affiliate marketing as well as want to contribute what I have learnt from my past small business inc.
  11. Mytuny

    May I Get a Nice Welcome

    Hi there! Well, I was reading this forum topics since two years as a guest. Today I decided to make that little account. Isn't great !!! :p :) ;) :ninja:o_O:D
  12. daniel chrish

    Thank you for the warm Welcome........

    This is daniel chrish from india i love affiliate marketing.... i believe affiliatefix is the wonderful resource for affiliate marketing..... Am just a beginner please help me guys.... thank you
  13. Sidhu Burre

    Hello everyone,

    Just I joined in this forum. Hope I will share and get some good information. Small Tip: If you're with CPA Marketing, follow these steps to run a successful offer: No Impressions, raise the bid by a penny every 24 hours. If there is impressions but no clicks, edit the ad copy. If there is...
  14. James Gosling

    Hello EveryOne

    Hello everyone, I am James Gosling working as a Teacher at myly. I am new at affiliatefix. I have some question about using new technology in our Education system. As if we are using new technology in own life like we are using ATM machine, net banking, online shopping...
  15. Cowtone


    Hi I'm Cowtone and I'm always looking for the next way to make me money, here's the last money maker I found. It won't make loads but it will make you a weekly wage I'll share it as soon as they let me Let me know if you want it please I need to see if this site gets response
  16. desolairs

    Hi Everyone!

    Just found out about AffiliateFix few days ago, and it's been amazing so far with all the information people are sharing. The atmosphere seems a lot more better compared to other forums I know. Good luck to all. :)
  17. A

    Nice to e-meet the community

    I am a Business Development Partner at RGK Group, the international company working with mobile technologies. With 10+ years of experience in mobile payments, mobile content, e-commerce, payment systems I am the one who helps RGK Group to reach local markets in EU, Asia, CIS, Africa, Australia...
  18. mirandastweets

    Hi from the netherlands from a dutch woman

    Hi, I am a so called newbie, learning to build a wordpress blog but still looking for a niche ;-) I am 31 years and from the netherlands and the last time i watch i was a woman but i am also a cancer fighter since 2013 stage 3b unfortunaly and since 2015 they took my kidney bc it was not...
  19. V

    I'm a new here. Click here for a poll. I want to learn from you

    Hi Guys, I'm totally new here. I'm looking into what other are posting and seeing and how everybody is doing. I am more than welcome to feedback and ideas and I would LOVE to interact with you guys. Please reach back to me.
  20. Mak Adang

    Thank for this Amazing Forum

    Hi All, Please introduce me and thank you to let me in to this amazing forum. Long live for this forum. Cheers.