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weight loss

  1. speedy25ca

    Exipure is a dietary formula created to help people lose weight.

    What is Exipure? Exipure is a weight loss supplement launched online in October 2021. The diet pill targets the root cause of your belly fat using natural ingredient
  2. Hozefa Tijoriwala

    Official Lucrative Affiliate Opportunities Await You!

    Dear Esteemed Members, I trust this message finds you in good health and spirits. Allow me to introduce myself – I'm Hozefa, and I oversee the Affiliate Programs at Comfort Click Ltd. I'm excited to share with you some incredible affiliate opportunities in the Health & Beauty and Pet...
  3. M

    Howdy! Digital Health looking for everyone to help scale across 50 states.

    Hey gang Seems like Ive been a member since 2014, so Im officially not a Newbie, but, very wet behinds the ears When its comes to this forum. We are looking to scale our digital health / online pharmacy platform across all 50 states. We are Legit Scripts certified, and have been in business...
  4. A

    How big of a budget to start running paid ads?

    Realistically how much money do you need to start running paid ads? Im currently in the weight loss niche but was trying to get conversions through setting up my own Facebook group and listing the offers in there, while providing quality weight loss tips.
  5. Karen-ebat

    Affiliates Wanted Anyone promote COD nutra offers ?

    Hello Everyone, We are direct advertiser and looking for traffic for our own COD Nutra offers. Markets :Asian Model:COD Vertical: Male enhancement and weight loss If you have interest, let's talk!
  6. Ronald Meador

    Proprietary Biophysics Technology In Wellness Offerings

    I am Ronald Meador and my background is in Organic Chemistry and Quantum Biology. Right! So what am I doing here? Well no life stories today. I am going to get right into what can be in it for you. I am the president of Radiant Skin Sciences. Our brands are Dermagena and Performa-XL. Some...
  7. Lisvaldo Duran

    Affiliates Wanted $1,000 Contest for this (90% Commssion offer) <==

    Have you not heard about it yet? There's a new contest in town that's right! We like to take care of our serious affiliates so we are running our first contest. This will only be for active affiliates promoting Belly Fat Shrinker product on Clickbank. The prize of the winner will be $1,000...
  8. C

    Pop Up Ads

    Hi, I am looking to start my journey with Affiliate Marketing. I have spent a month or so learning and researching. I have decided to get into a niche of health & fitness, more specifically weight losing. Before I create my first campaign, I would like to know if pop up ads is the right way...
  9. M

    MoR Essentials : Trying to make a positive impact "A difference you can feel"

    Hi, I’m Temne with MoR Essentials. I am trying to make a positive impact in peoples lives and I can't do it alone. It's hard being a one woman show, especially when people are unfamiliar with you or your products. I wanted to reach out to others. For the past few years I have been working on my...
  10. E

    Hello, We're a natural supplement brand, glad to be here!

    Hello, My name is Eric, with LexaPure Nutrition. We are running a weight loss offer for our own formulated product. New ingredients, not seen before. I'm here to learn!
  11. Alex_Chess

    Affiliates Wanted Beauty\ Weight loss \Nutra

    Recruiting experienced affiliates in the health/beauty space, US UK. If you are doing large volume, i ll work on pre-pay with you. Skype: asudjan
  12. shafi kasmani

    which best ads for cpa nutrition offers? Promotion?

    I have clickdealer CPA account and it offers CPA nutrition(weight loss Nutra) which best ads network or ppv ads? Bing ads? if i promote direct link cpa url on bing ads then work sales? or if i make landing page then promote bing ads for sales? guess me!
  13. Sashoy

    Affiliates Wanted We are looking for affiliates that have Indian traffic

    Hello, my name is Sasho and I affiliate manager at Mindtech Affiliates . I am looking for new affiliates that want to join our network. We have many good converting offers for Indian market on CPL basis. We have offers for other Geos as well but as I said above if you have Indian traffic we...
  14. BobanV

    Offer Wanted Direct health/diet/weight loss offers needed

    Hi, Affilicom is looking for direct health / weight loss offers. Add me on skype: vulicevic.boban Best, Boban