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  1. Gala

    Hot Cashback for Advertisers During Adsterra Sports Marathon!

    Adsterra Sports Marathon!;) Good morning, winter dwellers! Shake off the frost and get ready to ignite the competition with Adsterra's Sports Marathon! :cool: Prepare to sweat it out and pocket some serious cashback – up to a staggering $500 – by driving traffic from selected GEOs! As February...
  2. Tatyana_ClickAdilla

    Official RTB Adapting to Change: How RTB is Revolutionizing the Affiliate Marketing Landscape

    In this article, we will delve into the history of RTB in affiliate marketing, exploring its emergence, and development over the years, and the factors that have contributed to its recent surge in popularity. Real-time bidding (RTB), also known as programmatic advertising, revolutionizes how...
  3. Becky J

    Seeking Help I need help with meeting a cheater

    Hi, everyone. I'm sorry to tell you I want to expose a cheater who offers traffic for me. He told me he could post our articles with do-follow links on some of his websites, after talked the cooperation details for several days, we made a deal. I sent articles to him and paid him 50% off the...
  4. O

    Which is the best vertical, geo to run at this time end of the year

    Which is the best vertical, geo to run at this time end of the year?
  5. junoon

    Hi i'm new to cpa marketing...

    Hi, I'm new to CPA marketing. Can somebody answers the following queries regarding CPA marketing... what are the best CPA networks to join? how as a beginner my application was approved by CPA networks? what is the best push ads traffic network for the adult niche?
  6. S

    How Long Should it Take to Get Traffic?

    A lot of people give up on promoting a website before they ever reach their full potential. There seems to be something of a mistaken belief that we should be able to create a new website, fill it with content and then start making a full-time income in a matter of months. This is not the case...
  7. Adam19851

    Best Advertisement Network

    Please Recommend Me Adult Ads Network.Who Have Minimum Deposite $1-$5. No Proxy Traffic,No Bot Traffic. Thank You Mate
  8. N

    Want tube traffic buy script like

    Hii friends i have tube sites n want script like for traffic buy .. any 1 can help me please
  9. SuryaJ

    Ready to launch new campaigns? Ezmob - Best Verticals | Min Deposit | New Features

    Hello fellow members, We are always pleased to announce the latest updates in our platform, Ezmob has recently launched its brand NEW self-serve interface, allowing our advertisers a variety of new features we've added based on our user's experience. What's NEW with us - • Variety of...
  10. Abraham DiGiAff

    Looking For looking for DSP Platform ~ In-App Traffic

    Hey folks, Urgently looking for Quality In-App traffic for our Direct Mobile App offers. User has to must pass IDFA,GAID,APP NAME/SITE ID, PUB ID We do prepayment, if you prove your traffic quality & dont do Click Spamming / Click flooding.
  11. Emma Natifico

    We're looking traffic for our offers! Cover almost all geo. 1000$ per day

    Hello everyone! We're an affiliate network with a good reputation. We're ready to buy all your traffic. We're strong in VOD, software, extension, sweepstakes, dating. We're ready to provide you credit reference for trust between us. Also, we're going to provide our support at any time. Some of...
  12. B

    How to get Good Quality Traffic?

    Hello Guys, I'm new to affiliate industry, can you give me suggestions how to get traffic for my offers
  13. anandbernard

    Can some one suggest me Pop ads sources.

    Hi, Good day, this is Bernard. I was in need of pop traffic where I wish to promote my webiste, could someone suggest me a perfect traffic seller. Ping me at skype: anand.bernard1 thank you, Anand Bernard
  14. Sylvie Verboom

    Buying Traffic For CPA Affiliate Network - Crypto, Forex, CFD's Traffic wanted

    Due to increased demand Traffinix is looking to onboard partners with Live HQ Traffic. We accept Worldwide traffic on CPA Model. Payments executed on 15Net.
  15. AdSpyglass

    Ask Me Anything NEED PUBLISHERS with Movie sites! ASAP!

    Hello Marketers! We are happy to be part of this community and to share advertising and monetization tips. If you work with multiple ad networks at the same time, manage ads and payments and get a huge headache after all these separate accounts, we suggest this one easy tip for you! Manage them...
  16. Brijesh Soni

    In-Search of new Traffic Sources

    Hello Members, We are looking for new Traffic Sources for CPI, CPA, and CPL who have good mobile traffic for Android and IOs in Tier1 and Tier2 countries, Having good inventory in mail marketing and can run CPL campaigns. If you have quality traffic than we have very good converting, stable and...
  17. Sagar Mehta

    Got Traffic ? Read below.

    We are looking for new traffic partners who can drive traffic on CPI, CPA, and CPL on campaigns. if you have quality traffic sources can reach KPIs and can make good numbers on daily basis, let's contact us and we can make a very good number of revenue. Payment terms: NET-30. Payoneer, PayPal...
  18. Clickadu Denis

    Drive EU traffic at $1.5

    Clickadu team is looking for mainstream traffic. Drive traffic at $1.5 per 1000 impressions on the following GEO: Iceland Andorra Estonia Malta Latvia Bulgaria Monaco Portugal Ireland Croatia Sign up here to start: Loading...
  19. PopUnderTOTAL

    Selling Traffic New upgrades at PopUnderTotal

    PopUnderTotal is a Premium Pop-under Ad Network. Open RTB/XML integration with Pop traffic We can buy and sell pop traffic using openRTB/XML ⁃ Servers in US (west & east) and Europe (Belgium) ⁃ Up to 1000 QPS / RPS ⁃ Rates in USD Our solutions for advertisers & DSPs We have premium...
  20. Tranding.Bid

    Trading.Bid - platform for buying Push-traffic and not only!

    Tranding.Bid- platform for advertisers and arbitrators, where you can buy high-quality PUSH traffic and more! We offer 3 formats of cooperation that will help to achieve the most ambitious goals! Push Notification We send out more than 50 million notifications a day on its fresh and...