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  1. macjper

    Macjper from Texas. A noobie.

    Hi, here from Texas. I'm just starting my quest for greatness in the world of affiliate marketing. Any and all tools, tips and tricks are welcomed. I'm happy to have joined a talented group of people in this community. Thank you for accepting me in your group.
  2. Honeybadger

    eBay Podcast 114: Social Media Marketing

    Episode #114 Social Media Marketing for the Holidays It's from eBay for Business Podcast Good tips for social media marketing
  3. Joseph Viet

    How can I find Marketing Affiliator who will sell product for me?

    Hi everyone! I'm newbie and I have a question is How can I find Marketing Affiliator who will sell product for me? Because I have a good scripts for Social Media Marketing, I think you will like if you can try it. But, until now I have only channel to sell it, so that, I want to learn How can...
  4. M

    Umair Zaheer (Affiliate Marketer)

    Hi, I'm Umair Abbasi and I do Affiliate marketing. I have joined this forum to discuss affiliate marketing. I've skills in social media and Google ads.
  5. Gennaro E Turco

    Anyone need help with social media marketing?

    Good day! Social Media Marketing has been my specialty in my overall marketing experience, in several different industries and niches, for 10+ years now. You remember MySpace? Yes, that's about when I started, Make it a GREAT day! :):cool: * EDITED BY ADMIN :affiliatefix: *
  6. Gennaro E Turco

    I am happy to be here!

    Hello, everyone. My name is Gennaro Turco and I am a U.S. Disabled Veteran and I served in the USAF for six years. I attained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Marketing in 2012 and have more than 10 years experience in all aspects of Marketing and in many different types of...
  7. affiliatelk

    How to generate facebook leads for educational institutions?

    Hi, I plan to manage my clients (educational institution-canada) social media channels and would like to brings students as facebook ads leads. Is there anyone can elaborate step-by-step with the sample 'ad copies' and 'lead form formats' to the students registration. - GEO : Canada - AUDIECE...
  8. A

    Hello Fellow affiliate marketer. I am Samuel am a new member on this platform

    I will like to know guys which app his the best for social media marketing. Your answers will really helpful
  9. Jackanderson

    What is Social Media Marketing and how it help to boost our Businss?

    When it comes to digital marketing, social media marketing agency plays a crucial role. When we talk about social media different social media channels come in our mind like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. if you any experience about this please tell me.
  10. cgtweb

    Never Used Instagram Before, Journey To $25pd Using Instagram Method

    Hi afiiliatefix members and staff , As the title states I am a complete noob when it comes to Instagram, I do not even have a personal account so this is literally from square 0 I will be attempting a method given to me by the well known @DEADZ which can be seen HERE I'd like to take this...
  11. beserious

    [CHEAP] Social Media Marketing - SMM Panel

    Best and Cheapest SMM Panel
  12. MSQRD2


    Michael Moriarty: Photography, Social Media Networks, Website Creation, Crowdfunding Promotion, Addiction Treatment Promotion (PPC), Kall8 History – Established 2012 Results-driven Social Media Marketing Creating: Actively Engaged Devotees Mobile Ready Websites, E-Commerce, SEO Constructed...
  13. John_Vianny

    Social Media Marketing Strategies

    Social media network occurs to be the owning power of the Net. The capability for end users of numerous websites to share industrialized web content has actually produced it possible for truths to be spread out quicker compared to any type of person might have possibly pictured. If you would...
  14. G

    Selling Get-SMS com - online service for receiving SMS and PVA - automatic service for verification accounts of social networks via SMS. Features: fast and automatic receiving SMS many supported social networks and the ability to add support for new services opportunity to receive several SMS, but paid for one excellent API for developers...
  15. A

    I am a civil structural engineer wants to change my career .

    I am a civil structural engineer wants to change my career by working through internet. I am a hard worker, superior, sincere and can do a huge things with high accuracy and speed . You can also see my skills in my profile information, so no need to write it here again .
  16. V


    Hello, My name is Dakota, I'm newbie to this forum. I want to learn more about adult niche, maybe even start blogging or start making threads in social media and promote some webcam. Have decided to join your community to keep abreast of tips and innovations. I am sure that I will find a lot...
  17. P

    Will FB Ever Die?

    I'm curious on everyone's thoughts as to whether or not this social juggernaut will go the way of the dinosaur eventually, or will they continue to buy up competition and technologies outright to always remain relevant?
  18. azgold

    [News] 9 Social Media Marketing Tools to Improve Your Strategy

    Okay, we all know the power of a good social marketing campaign. But done manually, it takes an enormous time commitment. In an article on Huffpost Business, author Larry Alton recommends nine different social media marketing tools that he believes are transforming their industries and...
  19. mustafijur

    Selling SEO,SMM Virtual Assistant serivce

    MD. Mustafijur Rahman Date : 26th May-2016 Looking For : Virtual Assistant Job. Available : 30 Hours Weekly. Skype ID : mustafijur019 This is Mustafijur and I have been involved in SEO industry since 2010.Along with my experience I did training from BITM, BASIS Institute of Technology &...
  20. azgold

    The Hard Truth About Social Media And What You Need to Do About It

    This morning, as I was scanning the news online, I happened upon an article by Jeff Bullas, titled, The Hard Truth About Social Media And What You Need to Do About It Bullas begins by talking about the 'old' days of social media, "This was global and virtual connections at scale." He then...