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  1. R

    What text messaging platforms or tools have you found most effective for driving affiliate marketing campaigns, and why?

    In your experience with affiliate marketing campaigns, specifically utilizing text messaging, which text messaging platforms or tools have you found to be the most effective? Please provide a detailed explanation of the platform or tool you have used, highlighting its features, functionalities...
  2. R

    My name is Raj. I am Software Developer

    Hello all, I am here to seek help from you. I am trying to create Business Texting Platform. So If you want to give any suggestion or recommendation on that it will be highly appreciated.
  3. Bright_Chinaskyline

    SMS traffic is the worst traffic?

    Hello, everyone. I am new here, and i found most of media company don't accept SMS traffic. Anyone can tell me why? And how can i get some clients of my SMS traffic...
  4. HIMU.arif

    Sms cpa campaign

    Is there any company who can run a campaign for sms based service for Bangladesh user. I want to pay using cpa or revenue sharing model.
  5. MartinaMobiniti

    Hello to everyone!

    Hello friends! Just joined this blog. I must confess that is awesome:) Good job to all ;) Am working in Telecom indistry almost 8 years and around 5 years am working with affliate clients helping through sms marketing to boost their earnings and profit at their maximum. Hopefully here , we can...
  6. Jens44

    Offer Wanted Looking for Pay Per Call offers

    I'm looking for quality pay-per-call offers. I have a reliable method of sending out ~100k SMS messages to high quality American numbers every day. Already had great success on a few networks (with affiliate links), and I can show statistics. I have the numbers and the means to send high...
  7. Ronyking Sourcing INC

    Is there Any Private SMS gateway?

    As the headline implies i want to know if its possible or if some people have their own private/personal sms gateway. Anyone have this idea?
  8. lisatextmagic

    This is Lisa from TextMagic

    My name is Lisa and I represent TextMagic. It is an SMS company based in the UK, with over 14 years’ experience helping businesses improve communications and mobile marketing by sending and receiving text messages online. This year we've started to actively expand our affiliate program, which...
  9. H


  10. Shamim Hassan

    I need a sms campaign

    I have quality traffic from USA and ca. I am need a SMS campaign. My Skype: sashohan14 Thanks, Shamim
  11. O

    Finally making over $2K per day with SMS Marketing and CPA

  12. simonbrep

    Selling Traffic Do You Need Traffic? Brand New API Feeds

    Hi - how are you? We have premium consumer and business leads targeted by verticals. Data comes as daily feed direct to your server and is available monthly, so you can market your affiliate offers direct via email / call / sms PM or Email for more info
  13. simonbrep

    Selling Leads 30-50k Premium Data Feeds

    500,000 Leads Monthly Optimised for Email / Call Centre / SMS Based on GEO 50% Off Follow this Link for More Info
  14. S

    (Help) SMS Payment Portal For WordPress

    Dear fellow marketers! Looking for more information and if possible your thoughts on a good free or paid SMS payment portal plugin for WordPress. Why needed My mother want's to launch a WordPress website where people can come for help or when they want to talk to someone when they are having...
  15. S

    Help: Paid SMS Service

    This may not be an affiliate question but still, like to ask them. My mother has started her own help service online for people who are thinking of killing themselves and other personal problems were they like to talk to someone. She has just started but it's going fair so far but I have one...
  16. Tmmatherne

    Todd - my Intro

    hey guys.. new to this forum but been marketing full time for 3 years now and loving it. I mostly generate traffic via SMS with software I developed however looking to get more into mobile pop ads. I've been very successful this far and average 50K-100K/month promoting various cpa offers...
  17. C

    iMarketing Center app

    Hi, I am an individual android developer. I have created an automation email and sms marketing app that I think very useful for marketers. The greatest features of this app is automation, that you can create auto reply, auto followup, auto subscription... Just search 'iMarketing Center' on...