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  1. Mihai Anghel

    Offer Wanted Affiliate Programs and Smartlinks for Adult Games?

    Hello! I am looking for affiliate programs or smartlinks for adult games. Can you help me by suggesting a few?
  2. Afaq Ahmed

    How to Promote Smartlinks?

    Hello everyone, I am new to CPA marketing, there's a question for some experienced affiliates, How can i promote smartlink offers? Can i Use traffic for Smartlink promotion? What's the best network for smartlinks which pay you for all the conversions? (I heard that many networks...
  3. S

    CPA Smartlink yealnk

    hey guys , i was spying on cpa offers , i found this smartlink like in 60 - 80 % ads , its everywhere here is the smartlink domain name > yealnk '' com / afu.php can anyone please tell me what cpa network this smartlink belongs to thanks,
  4. Phill AdsBridge

    Announcement TOP converting verticals for our Smartlinks

    Let me represent you our TOP verticals with the highest conversions for the last week. Welcome verticals with their eCPM: 1) Dating - $173 2) Mobile Content Adult - $148 3) Adult Pills - $134 4) Diet & Weight Loss - $132 5) Cams - $75 Smartlinks in 8 the most popular and the most actual...
  5. kenaki

    Buying Traffic Check Out What's Hot in Monetizer!

    Hey guys! Check out our trending segments. If you don't have an account already sign up here!
  6. G

    Any recommendation for the best offer page for mainstream/adult smartlinks?

    Hi everybody, Guys, do you have any recommendation for the best working offer page for mainstream/adult smartlinks? with the best payouts? high conversion rate? Because based on our experience we tried several networks and find it difficult to make the campaigns profitable. What traffic...
  7. tarmopro

    CPA SmartLinks

    Hello All Came across this forum. Very interesting subjects going around here related to online advertising. Myself I have been in affiliate / online advertising business for nearly 6 years. Based in Estonia, attending AWE in BCN soon. Dealing with installs, pops, push notifications. Selling...

    Create Smartlink campaign in HasOffers

    Hello, Can anyone helped me or guide me how can i setup smartlinks campaigns in HasOffers system. I've asked to his supports system but i;m not getting proper what they are getting and replying so it would be great if someone explain and give me proper way. Thanks.
  9. sam patra

    Need Help

    i want to knw how do i create a campaign for smart links .. i have just signed up a cpa network that pays daily but this network has only smart links option and i decided to try .. i am confuse about how to create a lander for mainstream infact i dont know about any offer that the smartlink...
  10. Phill AdsBridge

    Review NEW! "OneLink" technology to build SmartLinks platforms.

    Let’s talk “smart” Smartlinks are the best way to ensure a smooth user journey towards conversion. They engage and lead the audience through various paths to highly relevant offer. Let’s say a user clicks on your app but it’s not there due to incorrect device or geo. If you set a smart link, it...
  11. M

    Network Wanted Looking for Smartlinks by Category

    Hi all, I'm looking for targeted Smartlink offers by category, not just a random link, does anyone have this type of link on their network? Thanks
  12. R3DRUM

    Affiliate Marketing Should Be Easy!

    What is the most tedious part of affiliate marketing? Ans: Testing, testing and testing (Yes, i heard you) Test Offers Test Creatives/Landing Pages Test Traffic source What is the most frustrating part of affiliate marketing? Ans: Winning Offer gets paused after several days or weeks of...
  13. Artjom

    Looking for good affiliates, to promote Adult / Dating - Smartlink offers.

    Hey everybody! My name is Artjom I`am affiliate manager at MobitEasy. I'm looking for good affiliates, to promote our best Adult / Dating - Smartlink offers, targeted for all world's geos and devices, the smartlink offers are so generous and smart, as it redirect automatically to an offer...
  14. B

    Is anybody here working with Smartlinks?

    I just started with Mobidea and just wondering how to calculate my possible earnings and an idea of what I can afford? Thanks! p.s. Admin, sorry if this isn't the right forum please move it where appropriate. Thanks!