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  1. Chevelle

    Hello everyone

    Hi, new to this forum and looking to learn and share information.
  2. AdsPaying Media

    SEO & Affiliate Marketing

    How to balance SEO & Affiliate Marketing?
  3. Honeybadger

    Capz ?

    How can I make post tags have capitalized letters? Trying to optimize tags for Google/Bing/Yaho/DuckDuckGo, So forum gets more organic search traffic Example From --> affiliate marketing in 2021 To --> Affiliate Marketing in 2021 URL --> TY
  4. F

    Discover The Benefits of Video Marketing

    Discover The Benefits of Video Marketing Everyone uses a variety of marketing strategies and the aim is always to get more traffic to the website. You need to take some time to investigate and plan out whether each strategy is really suitable for your business model. If you feel video is worth...
  5. Honeybadger

    Have You Tried Staged Posting for SEO?

    One SEO tactic I've been using lately is posting then re-publishing the same content, but in stages This tactic keeps Googlebot returning (via XML sitemap) and every time my content is re-indexed it gets a better algorithm ranking score Here's example --> Day 1, post product review with title...
  6. FreeTech2020

    How to write SEO Friendly article ?

    I have a website and i want to rank #1 in google but i try many time write article to rank and no result i get if any help to write the best article with SEO pleas help me Thank You
  7. Honeybadger

    Arrest Warning for SEO Meta Description

    You have the right to provide an appropriate meta description. Your meta description will be compared with your on-page content, to be used in Google search engine results pages. You have the right to monitor your competitor's meta description before adding your own meta description. You have...
  8. Honeybadger

    Google SEO Algorithm Update (December 2020)

    Google has announced algorithm update for Google Search & its called 'December 2020 Core Update' Danny Sullivan says "The December 2020 Core Update is now rolling out live. As is typical with these updates, it will typically take about one to two weeks to fully roll out" There's not some...
  9. Honeybadger

    Google Algorithm Update for May 2021

    Google said yesterday on Webmaster Blog that Core Web Vitals (CWV) page experience signals will become part of ranking algorithm in May 2021, and "We encourage you to get started on evaluating your sites using the tools and documentation detailed on this page" This is what action to take this...
  10. Honeybadger

    Google nows supports shipping data schema

    Here's some interesting news if you run an online store and are looking for ways to stand out in search results to get more traffic/conversions Google just released its blog, announcing that it now provides schema mark-up support for shipping data to be shown in Google search results Official...
  11. Honeybadger

    Can a high bounce rate be GOOD for SEO?

    So I have a 'bounce rate' theory that goes against everything I've read about SEO Goes like this Jane is looking for red wide lens sunglasses to buy She searches Google and finds 'Sunglass Heaven' online store On the first page is a banner that reads "click here and get 50% off red wide angle...
  12. Honeybadger

    How does Google treat affiliate links? 22 Best Practises

    This article covers 22 best practises for affiliate marketers that rely on organic search traffic from Google. If you don't rely on organic search traffic from Google, or you think SEO is a dead in 2020, then you can simply ignore this article. It's not an argument about the pros and cons of...
  13. Honeybadger

    I claim the Salt Throne!

    Currently busting my ass in Lockdown working 16 hour days to make a living from affiliate marketing. I know SEO and how to get organic traffic, so half the battle is already won. I'll swap you my latest SEO skills for your latest affiliate marketing skills. I also have an Iron Fleet of 1,000...
  14. SEO Tripwire

    Affiliates Wanted SEO Website Tracking Tool Seeking Affiliates, 80% Commissions for Affiliates!

    Hi, SEO tripwire is a change detection tool that helps track changes to your important SEO elements on websites to help prevent your websites from falling out of Google's index. We are currently actively seeing affiliates to join our affiliate program and for a limited only, we are offering 80%...
  15. SEO Tripwire

    Hi guys, this is Tom from SEO Tripwire

    Hi everyone, so happy that I came across this forum as I was researching on building out my Affiliate networks for my SEO tool - SEO Tripwire. We are a relatively new tool so we are aggressively building out our marketing channels, especially affiliate networks. So I will really appreciate any...
  16. T J Tutor

    Gold Neil Patel Corner

    Introduction to Content Marketing
  17. B

    YouTube dominating Google search results...

    Hi guys, I am doing affliate marketing through SEO and blogging, however I am struggling researching a niche. I managed to find a sports niche on providing information on how to become a better player. I found two competitors who were getting a combined 60k traffic a month. However...
  18. B

    Picking a Sub-Niche

    Hi guys, I decided that I am going to focus and stick to affliate marketing and not CPA marketing mainly because I want to build a brand and stick to one thing. I want to focus on something that I am passionate about and for me that is football (soccer). How can I find unique ideas for a...
  19. M

    keyword rank

    my team and I face an issue about keyword ranking on google actually we have a digital marketing website, age is 2 months but no one keyword rank on google's any page. we change our off-page strategy but still no result. if anyone has an idea about it please guide me
  20. E

    I'm going to run a white hat campaign

    Hi everyone. I'm about to start running a withehat camp for the first time, wish me luck!