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  1. Honeybadger

    Do you spend 1 hour daily learning SEO?

    SEO is always changing as Google deploys new algorithm updates some are public & some are private I spend 1+ hour daily learning SEO do you?
  2. Honeybadger

    Going deeper with internal search

    Thanks to @Graybeard help I have tracked more than 1k search terms from internal site search using Google Analytics (@Strickland - no I'm not sharing it :D), what I find is too many spelling mistakes, this returns no service & product pages - how can I make all mistakes return one page? Example...
  3. Honeybadger

    People starting to panic buy again

    Google Trends (past 24 hrs) 'showing toilet' paper as breakout daily search trend across United States where to buy office supplies online buy toilet paper online in bulk buy paper towels and toilet paper online is it cheaper to buy toilet paper online buy bulk toilet paper online buy ohio...
  4. Honeybadger

    Fastest web search in the world?

    This is the fast web search I have ever seen Try a search on this site* How are they making search results that fast? Is it a Shopify or WP plugin? * I have no connection to this site
  5. Grunger

    Ask Me Anything Where to get traffic to a xxx webcam project?

    Hello to all! I have a new project. Adult webcams. When looking for traffic to the site, we faced a big problem. Advertising networks with which we worked on the CPC, CPM, dCPM model, debited money for generated users (bots) or made fake clicks. That gave a lot of attendance but not a single...
  6. Honeybadger

    What are people looking for, right now?

    When visitors use the internal search function on a wordpress website how can you see the search queries? Sure seems like a good way to improve a website in real time
  7. davidedt

    How to find a efficient Instagram Influencer for niche?

    Hello, how can I find in a short time an efficient instagram influencer with a good engagement, who has no fake but real followers so that I can offer him a collaboration for advertising through instagram stories? Thank you for reply!
  8. Ma'at Hetep

    Yes I'm a Newbie :)

    Here's my second post on the forum after introducing myself :) So I have been looking through some of the threads on the forum especially the ones related to some of the questions I would have asked. At this point I have a few things I'm wondering about. The first one is about using EPC as...
  9. René Wagner

    Selling Leads

    I'm searching for a plattform where i can sell my leads?
  10. Performance Bay

    Affiliates Wanted CPA Direct Offers w/ good payouts & product+ Amazon Cards - to top the payouts!

    Sign-Up Today & Get Amazon Gift Card - On Top of Your Payout Commission Comment below and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have! Some of the main KPIs that we try to give to you: -Same day - open your Affiliate / Publisher Account, assign a personal AM - and get the...
  11. Navid

    What offer should I run on some adult sites with 80% search traffic?

    Hey guys. I've some adult sites (several geos) that get around 75%+ of their traffic from search (used similarweb to double check the data). What type of offers do you recommend on such sites? On adult sites, is it best to use pre-landers or send directly to offer page? If I target these site...
  12. evomarketplace

    Buying Leads US/CA Nutra Free trials

    Hello guys ! EvoLeads is looking for DIRECT PUBS to promote our nutra products for US and CA - Highest payouts guaranteed, weekly payments (even daily with volume), and unlimited cap - Products available: garcinia, skin, diet, cleanse, male enhancement, brain booster, booty and bust enhancement...
  13. toualebdjamel


    i'm djamel i work in marketing
  14. A

    Allowed Traffic Types 'Search' Query

    Hi all, Being new to Affiliate Marketing, I've a query regarding 'Allowed Traffic Types' inparticular if 'Search' isn't allowed, I'm wondering are you able to still direct traffic via Search Engines or Social Media to your landing page and run the affiliate program off the landing page? I'll be...
  15. AdsCompass

    We invite publishers and advertisers for cooperation

    We're glad to welcome you, our future partners. We, Adscompass, is an intellectual platform that offers profitable conditions both for publishers and advertisers. Having our own automatic platform for monetizing of traffic and developing our projects we provide great conditions for all our...
  16. V

    Looking for Traffic

    Hello: I am the affiliate manager at Exact Match Media and we are a PPCall & CPA network. I am looking for quality pubs with quality traffic. Feel free to ping me @ emmvontresep. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you all!
  17. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted HUGE Payouts for New Health Offer

    Hey Fixers, MonsterAds has an awesome high paying health offer you might be interested in testing. If you have any of the following traffic sources you should definitely get in touch with me: Email, FB advertising, social media, seo, search, ppv/ppc We have a trial paying $80 PPS and a...