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  1. thisisnorman

    Adworkmedia They Don't Pay Publishers, Nor Reply Support Messages

    Help anyone, @AdWorkMedia now **** publisher by refusing to pay them. I was supposed to be paid my earning for the month of December on 30th January since am in Net30 but Adworkmedia didn't pay me any of my hard working money. They don't reply any of my support messages they just leave them on...
  2. Lior MR

    let's fight scammers!

    hey guys, after some sad stories, I've heard from colleagues of mine (and another personal unfortunate case) I wanted to hear your opinion about scammers and how we can detect them ahead. there's a lot of scammers out there who get prepayment and disappear. in a business that relies on trust...
  3. Pavel Russell

    I have an announcement to say.

    All those who ask for prepayment, are either scammers or beginners. Professionals, first of all, asking for details and trying to evaluate the deal, and only then gives you an answer, but scammers, first of all, will ask you for prepayment. When you get a job you first ask for a salary and then...
  4. Clickadu Denis

    Busted: Digital marketing slunk meat.

    Clickadu Astrologers proclaim a month of the Justice. The digital advertising market is risky and full of unscrupulous people. So, I suggest there should be at least one thread with all the possible confrontations and warnings. What is more, it may help you to break the tension and maybe solve...
  5. Rad

    @DavidsonGilbert00 - He is making money SCAMMING others

    I'm not sure if this is the right area to place this thread so please move it to the right one if needed. I get SCAMMED personally by user of this forum - @DavidsonGilbert00 He claimed to help me funding one of the wallets with Nigerian Currency as he said he's from that poor country. I was...
  6. hvbeladiya

    Chinese mobile affiliate network is big scam.

    We have done business with Apps Union, they are holding amount for 40 or more days without reports and even not releasing payment. When i asked for I/O term they told me there may exceptions. They are not doing business seriously. BE AWARE FROM APPSUNION!

    WARNING!! Do not Join XY7 Affiliate or elite-calls network.

    Well i had a feeling of not joining XY7 network as i read many bad reviews about them. But still thought to give a try as it is a US based network and i know, if they jack my off, i am going to SUE them big time, as i have already made a lot of savings and kept some money aside. Well till now...