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  1. Honeybadger

    What's going on in Russia?

    This video has 48 million views in 2 days News channels not reporting it, anybody here speak Russian can say is it true or not? English subtitles accurate?
  2. Clickadu Denis

    Selling Traffic [Selling] A lot of Push Notifications traffic available.

    And by lot... We mean... A LOT. Hello there. Seeking for new Push traffic sources? Clickadu has a list of TOP-badass countries for Push Notification CPC traffic available: India - 590M Daily Impressions - $0,001 CPC VietNam - 133M Daily Impressions - $0,004 CPC France - 53M Daily Impressions...
  3. somer

    Big up from Russia! In search of partnership

    Yo! My name is Pasha Somer and I want to find guys that interested in new schemes of getting and monetization of traffic. Well, I know some that works or worked in Russia and gave a lot of money. And also Im working with Facebook about 2 years. I want to change experience with somebody from...
  4. JohnnyMnemonic

    Hello, my name is Johnny Mnemonic

    Hi! My name is Johnny Mnemonic. I am an affiliate from Russia, Siberia. I work in verticals: e-commers(CPI only), dating, gambling, as well as doing websites in little-known verticals and promote them in seo. I hope I can tell you something new and interesting here, and also become a part of...
  5. Jacko014

    Just Started with CPI

    Hey, guys I Just hit the CPI got the offer after joining the Affiliate network, The offer looking good but it's for Russia so I made an Acc at VK "Russian social network". to Run an ad anybody tried VK before? Any suggestions? And one more thing can anyone provide a good Tracking tool provides...
  6. MarinaKimia

    Event 40% discount MAC - Moscow Affiliate Conf.

    Heads up affiliates in Russia! If haven got your ticket to the MAC (Mobile Affiliate Summit) Kimia is happy to offer a discount, 40% off you event pass! Contact us at and we will be happy to help you ;)
  7. Maxsi

    Newbie Affiliate Marketer

    Hi! My name is Maksim. I'm from Moscow, Russia. I'm a PPC-specialist at agency. Good experience at using traffic sources, such as: - Yandex.Direct - Yandex.Display - Google AdWords - MyTarget Some experience with: - - Facebook
  8. 2

    What is the best source to sell English audio course in Russia

    Hey folks, I'm pretty newbie in afmark. I'm a mediabuyer. Usually I work in Europe, Asia and exUSSR counties with nutra offers and it is pretty well with some of native ad networks like mgid, mediavenus and ladycash. But at the moment I'd like to add several new niches and one of them is audio...
  9. LuLzes

    Hello from Russia!

    Hello everybody! I am engaged in partner marketing about half a year. Directions of facebook (beginner), instagram (SMM, thematic accounts), purchase of traffic in Russian social networks. Perspective - the countries of Europe and America. Few things work out well. But we do not give up, we try.
  10. Nikita_Mironof

    WAPconvert -the network with the highest payout rates

    Hey all. We are the network focused on mobile traffic monetization. We are looking for mobile traffic from ww. We can offer good CR(%) and the best profit for you. If you want to get paid from 15$ per 1k mobile - just Sign up and ROCK the world Skype - wap.convert
  11. wairdus

    Big Russian Journey into FB & Adwords

    Hi. Decided to start this follow along to make more disipline to my affiliate-work. First about me: I'm from Russia, 27yo, about 4 years in affiliate marketing, but my experience with Facebook just about 7000-8000$ total, principally Instagram ads (i dont know why, just think it's more easier...
  12. Nikita_Mironof

    WAPconvert - the best way for mobile monetization

    .................................................WAPconvert................................................ More than one year ― that is how long it took to test new schemes and collaborate with webmasters and traffic managers in private as to mobile subscription technology. As a result, we...
  13. Leadbit

    Event Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017

    Upcoming spring, on March 30th we decided to organize the very first international CPA marketing conference - Moscow Affiliate Conference by Leadbit Group and co-owned with the iStack Holding! CPA conference in Moscow is dedicated to CPA marketing and will gather the TOP affiliates all over...
  14. Movut

    Case study from Russia: Qlean and VKontakte

    Hello! I joined Affiliatefix only recently, but I would already like to thank people here for the information and advice that helped me start earning even more. This is why I would like to present you one of my cases. This spring, Qlean, a new exciting advertiser, joined CityAds (ref)...
  15. YTZ International

    Affiliates Wanted EXCLUSIVE Russia SOI Offer

    EXCLUSIVE Russia SOI Offer Available Now! Start testing this brand new, exclusive Russia offer NOW. This is the first time this campaign is available without a cap! Plus we have both the direct and browser landing page options for you. This campaign is now available under the 'Campaign' tab in...
  16. Unilead

    Announcement Unilead Network — a Mobile Ad Network with worldwide reach

    Unilead Network — is a Mobile Ad Network with worldwide reach, which focuses on advertising mobile apps. If you’ve got a website, blog, forum, social network community or if you are just a talented affiliate or mediabuyer – you are more than welcome to register on our website and become a part...