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  1. adamclick

    Review Clickdaly is the best popup traffic advertising network

    Clickdaly is one of the most reliable advertising networks on the market today with popup, helping publishers maximize revenue through the latest technology in online advertising. With a professional and experienced team in managing website traffic and monetization, Clickdaly has attracted...
  2. Sergei | HeartBid


    Today we want to tell you a little more about our traffic. The very idea is to provide the traffic directly from website owners to our DSP advertisers, so that way we could ensure our clients that the traffic is 100% live. This is also why we have a domain targeting option among our tools...
  3. FindMyDIY

    Don't Let Chrome Block Your Ads

    Do you use ad networks that are providing you with "anti-adblock" code to display popup or popunder ads to visitors? Displaying ads using this type of code is risking your website to be flagged as abusive by Chrome. If not now, then probably soon. What you need to do is show these ads in a way...
  4. FindMyDIY

    Use Notifications to Open a Popup With CPA Offers

    Display a notification to users before opening a popup window with a CPA offer or affiliate link. If you use a URL rotator for the popup window, random pages can be displayed. **Will not be blocked by Chrome or any ad blocker**
  5. FindMyDIY

    Display CPA Offers Using Popup With Notification

    Display a notification to users before opening a popup window with a CPA offer or affiliate link. If you use a URL rotator for the popup window, random pages can be displayed. **Will not be blocked by Chrome or any ad blocker**
  6. Z

    Affiliate To Share Knowledge/Tools with

    Hello, I was looking for an affiliate to share pop/Redirect knowledge and tooling with. Also Adult banner traffic focusing on Sweepstakes and Adult Dating. I am looking for someone to share Adplexity and other essential tooling accounts with. And to share ins and outs with will be at...
  7. W

    Selling Latest Popunder Script Open in all Browsers

    I am selling Popunder script only for $50 Features: Use your own link Tabunder in mobile How many times a user can see it Unlimited domain license Bypass Adblock Plus Works On All Browsers Easy Installation Light Weight Payment method: Bitcoin If anyone interested then contact me. Thanks
  8. ishop6dotnet

    Selling 1 popup spot on SpotLightGirlsX.TV

    Hi i got a NEW popup spot for sale on SpotLightGirlsX.TV Price 15 Days= $15 30 Days= $30 :)Ping me if you are interested!
  9. ishop6dotnet

    selling popup ad

    Hi there, i got a website that has a very good traffic, And now im selling 1 popup spot check out the website : :)Ping me if you are interested
  10. T

    Using VPS or CDN when promoting with popup and popupunder ads like poppa's

    I've read many replies in many forum that we should (or must) use VPS or CDN to put our landing pages on when promoting with popup and popupunder ads (like on popads, zeropark) Can someone explain more details about this. Is that because of the speed of Shared Hosting is slow? If so, how much...
  11. xploit

    Looking for a recommendation...

    I'm looking to implement a call to action bar at the bottom of my website using something similar to hellobar - however looking for a free script that allows the user to close the bar or hide it (yet dont want bottom right hand corner of screen covered with the option to reopen the bar) Sounds...
  12. AdsCompass

    We invite publishers and advertisers for cooperation

    We're glad to welcome you, our future partners. We, Adscompass, is an intellectual platform that offers profitable conditions both for publishers and advertisers. Having our own automatic platform for monetizing of traffic and developing our projects we provide great conditions for all our...
  13. moha16

    Best Pop-Under Ad Networks (Popup Ad Networks)

    List of TOP Best Popup / Popunder Advertising Networks.Popup ads or Pop-ups you try it share and will share some tips with vps and seo tips i am new in cpa i am real hacker and i have big name in zone-h i will share my method how get real traffic with some tips and some exploit...
  14. ishop6dotnet

    General PopUp Ads

    Hi there is there any general sites that offers popup ads that accepts adult sites ? if there is please let me know. I use adult pop-up ads from Ero-Advertising, JuicyAds & ExoClick
  15. EZmob

    Affiliates Wanted Overlay Ad Monetization

    Hello, To those who don't know us yet, Easy Mob ( focuses on monetizing publisher's traffic via overlay ads. You can have a look at a quick MOBILE demo for our overlay ads here Register a publisher account through this link today and receive AffiliateFix's members revenue...
  16. sibil

    Buying US and CA IOS Traffic (iPhone, iPad)

    As title says, I need US and CA IOS (iPhone, iPad) Real human traffic, no fake, no Bots! I prefer Pops. I may need 10k-50k daily if quality, or maybe more in time. I need to be delivered between certain hours. Post here if you have and price.

    How to Make Money with Pops

    Popups and popunders are small windows generated by a website when it is opened or closed. Popups “pop up” on top of the website you are visiting. Popunders are less intrusive than popups as they open behind the website you're visiting. One of the words to describe this marketing channel is...
  18. karthik94

    [HELP] PPV Landind Page Creation

    Hi, I am karthik. I am an IM analyst. I work on PPV and PPC Campaigns. Recently i do get good conversions on Single optin offers. But the CTR rate is quite low on my own Landing Page. I do promote offers with my own landing page which is again redirected to the original landing page of the...
  19. viktor_sch

    Popup ad network with physical presense in APAC

    Looking for an ad network with popup/popunder traffic that is physically presented in Asia or Oceania. Delivery servers and prefferably DNS to be located in there. I need to scale my campaigns up. Does anybody have a suggestion? Or mb we have representatives here? Sorry if thread is misplaced...
  20. LarimarMedia

    Price comparison website with ecommerce offers

    First of all i just want to say hello for all of AM's on this forum. I can see this is incredible source of knowledge and experience in Affiliate Marketing world. So, hello! :) I've tried some time ago to join this elite group of marketers. Can't say i've succeded, can't say i failed - i think...