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Price comparison website with ecommerce offers


First of all i just want to say hello for all of AM's on this forum. I can see this is incredible source of knowledge and experience in Affiliate Marketing world. So, hello! :)

I've tried some time ago to join this elite group of marketers. Can't say i've succeded, can't say i failed - i think there's something not working correctly in my path. So that's why i want to direct my steps to somebody who got more experience in affiliate marketing.

I wish to use this topic as a Guide/Case study in this particullar example of Affiliate Marketing campaign/promotion type - hope it helps somebody in the future.

What i tried to do is: creating price comparison portal with affiliate offers (products) from fashion stores.

Website: it's a custom script with clean, responsive layout, created on fresh domain (PR0), basic optimization (SEO), conversion tracking (conversion = jump to affiliate store), more than 100k offers (products) and more than 100 affiliate stores, topic: fashion - shoes, clothes, bags etc...

Tracking: Google Analytics and Voluum.

Free traffic: currently main source of traffic is Organic (not more than 2000 visits/month) and Direct traffic - it's strongly connected.

Paid traffic: AdWords (working somehow - generating jumps to affiliate stores), DNTX (useless for me), Facebook Ads (connected to Website FanPage with offers and new merchants announcements - testing), 7search (useless - small amount of traffic, almost no conversions).

Next traffic to test on my list: Zeropark or Popcash.

And my questions to you guys:

1. Can you advice where to search for more traffic/conversions?
2. Can i assume, every product or category page is a landing page?
3. Any chance to use domain redirected traffic for this kind of page?
4. Any chance to use popup/under traffic for this kind of page (generally for ecommerce)?



Next traffic source, this time Popcash is tested, i couldn't see any strong connection between popunders and direct or organic traffic. Still most profitable traffic that i can get is organic traffic from Google and paid traffic from Adwords campaign. Ofcourse paid traffic even when optimized is not able to create this level of conversions as organic traffic is providing on a daily basis. Guys, any other traffic source to test? Can you help?