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  1. TheMDM

    Better hosting solution for a beginner?

    What are the pros/cons of using a managed VPS like Cloudways vs a landing page maker like Landerbolt? Also are there any other players besides those 2 brands that I should consider? I'm a novice starting with push traffic and may do pop as well. Thanks in advance
  2. JamesCrum

    Hello everyone, Affiliate marketing novice to ask questions

    Hello everyone, I learned a lot of affiliate marketing knowledge through this forum, thank you affiliatefix. Thank you for your enthusiastic sharing. I am from China. I am currently a freshman. My English is not very good. I can't read fluent English. I have been learning how to market and...
  3. U

    My thorny path in the affiliate universe :)

    Hey guys! My name's Yaroslav, I'm 21. I'm from Ukraine. I want to try my hand as an affiliate. At start, I'd like to try work with adult and dating verticals. And also in the future I'd like to work with mobile apps. I just registered in a few CPAs and waiting for verefication myself :) But...
  4. Jumanji

    Hello affiliate world

    Hello affiliate world :) I have been reading and watching tutorials and case studies showing how affiliate marketing can be used to escape the 9 to 5 lifestyle a lot of us are bound by. I am looking to gain knowledge in this area and learn the techniques required to establish successful...
  5. Alangile

    What mistakes can a novice make in an affiliate?

    What mistakes can a novice make in an affiliate?
  6. Andy Barden

    My Journey from scratch (17.08.16)

    I have been a member for a short while and in the affiliate game for a number of years. My day job is heading up the Clickwork7 Network that until now has done very nicely being a very traditional affiliate network with traditional pubs and a good range of direct finance, survey, mobile and...