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network approval

  1. rorow

    How to get approved by

    Hi guys! I'm Rorow, newbie in Affiliate Marketing. I really would like to push dating offers to ad networks. But as I'm a newbie, affiliate managers will allow me to push their offers ? What are the requirements for a media buying student? Happy Easter!
  2. B

    Hi everyone. I just need your help.

    After arriving in this affiliate industry, i meet with lot of people and the most of people are ready to work with me, but they ask Pre-payment before starting. I already seeing a lot of scam by this way. so i'm afraid to work on Pre-payment. So my question is, " is pre-payment is secure way to...
  3. AffKitty

    Partnership Any one from Adverten here?

    Hi, First of, thanks for reading. I am into adult marketing and my main source of revenue is large network of adult tube sites(70+). I was browsing through forum and came to know about the Smartlink of Adverten. So I signed up, but the affiliate manger denied my account saying that it is their...
  4. donishatayler

    Cpa Sign up questions

    Hi, I'm new here and I am trying to sign up with some other cpa networks. I have been with Maxbounty for years and I wanted to try other networks so I applied to some. I have recently gotten into peerfly and affiliaxe. I wanted to sign up to some others as well as some different traffic...
  5. Rvfamily

    How long should you wait to reapply for a particular network

    Hello All, I started applying to networks about 6 months ago and was quickly accepted to a few, had a little trouble with one (Thanks Affiliatefix and LukePeerFly for your help), and had a few others that I was turned down by. I have read here in the forums some positive things about a...