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need help

  1. S

    New Here

    Let me be true with you Hi, guys, i am quite new to the CPA World and only have 200$ to spend on it also watched a couple of random courses and youtube videos and very eager to start So I want to know that starting up with that small budget will be fine or not and if i can start than in which...
  2. A

    Hi there, just getting started :)

    Hi there, glad to be here!! I have a question for you guys, I've heard of automated systems that do all the work for you.. Would you recommend? would you buy them if you were just starting out like me? I would love to hear what you think! tnx :) adi
  3. Jiggaloww

    I broke up with my ex to pursue affiliate marketing..

    Hi Everyone! Well as the title says I broke up with my ex to get into affiliate marketing. By ex, I mean my ex-job ;-) as a database/tech support analyst I have a background in statistics and data analysis and have been doing a good amount of Facebook marketing. I'm also a Google partner and...
  4. Annesoren

    Frustrated Newbie

    Hi! I am Anne from Norway. Where to start... I haven't launched a single campaign yet, and I keep getting stuck on obstacles on the way - but getting closer... I have worked as an analys in some major corporations, am fairly intelligent, and studied graphic design as well. I signed up for all...
  5. TravelingAffiliate

    What comes first?? Want to Start and don't know with what!

    Hey guys! I am an affiliate, not a newbe but can't say that I am an expert. I mainly promote offers with Facebook ads, with no Landing Page. for now I had to succssful offers that I managed to earn from, currently I am working only with on. The money is good nbut not enough (for now its more...
  6. Kennedy Ijeh

    Hello Everyone.

    Hello everyone. I need a little help. Recently ive decided that I was going to start taking affiliate marketing seriously. Ive done mlms and other affiliate marketing ventures, but have ALL failed. Well after reflecting on my failed attempts I decided i had to figure out what was wrong. To start...
  7. DylanWall

    Ask Me Anything What laptop is best for marketing!? NEED HELP!

    Hi fellow marketers, I am fairly new to the marketing world, and I am ready to work full time. ONE PROBLEM. I have no laptop.:( I would greatly appreciate it, if you guys could list some laptops that preform well and are in a sense; great for business. The price range does not matter. Thanks...
  8. Jeewan

    New to Affiliate Marketing

    Hello, I am newbie in affiliate marketing,have been doing blogs and made few bucks through google publisher accounts.Highest i have made through online was $3000/month for few months back in 2013.Because of family problem i have to quite doing everything. Now i want to start on affiliate...
  9. N

    Whats the best way of promote affiliate link on youtube

    Hi, I recently uploaded a short video o youtube that consisted of a video saying that there are other ways to create traffic rather than using Google. The video had links to the affiliate links that are referred to in the video Are people going to read the description and click on the links...