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Let me be true with you
Hi, guys, i am quite new to the CPA World and only have 200$ to spend on it also watched a couple of random courses and youtube videos and very eager to start

So I want to know that starting up with that small budget will be fine or not and if i can start than in which direction i need to proceed i am thinking about snapchat ADS because everyone says that they are damm cheap

Thanks in advance


Dojo Master
Hi, welcome.

because everyone says that they are damm cheap

If you're promoting a CPA offer, make sure the offer allows that kind of traffic.

Also, is that where your target audience for the offer hangs out?

Also again, damn cheap doesn't necessarily mean damn good. :D

Re the small budget, the biggest problem I found when starting that way is that you don't have the money to scale when you find a winner that's getting conversions but you haven't been paid yet.

And you are going to use a tracker, right? Because usually, the initial budget for a campaign is data gathering, so you can analyze, optimize and send traffic to an audience you've narrowed down. Which requires more budget.

I don't want to discourage you, just want to let you know how it usually works, so you know what to expect.

There are threads here, where members have started out cheap or free that you can search for. More work and doesn't always pay off but you can try.