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  1. K

    5 Secrets On Turning Your Failures Into Success

    5 Ways To Profit From Failure Is it possible to take advantage of failure? Most of you already know the answer. If you did know, you’ll also know that it depends on how you see failure and how you choose to treat it. Most people see failure as a dead end and choose to live with it; defining...
  2. Honeybadger

    Ask Me Anything Keep Making Progress --> Success IS Possible

    "Set your goal and keep moving forward" Georges St-Pierre Wise words from the Canadian MMA legend but it is this kinda simple and powerful advice that I try to follow every single day --> just think what you could achieve in 1 year if you set 3 daily goals x 365 days = 1,095 actions or keep a...
  3. GriD

    Todays Rant... Newbies need to read this!

    Apologies for this Quick rant here but I want to release some steam and I especially want other newbies to understand what they are up against, don’t take anything personal, this is business … As yet another Affiliate network lost me a day… I wonder if I even will be able to start another...
  4. Honeybadger

    Best Affiliate Marketing Quotes for Success [2021]

    All the best affiliate marketing quotes that help you with your campaigns and motivation, share your favorite affiliate quotations, can be yours or someone else's (please quote the author - if you can) "If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate" (Thomas J Watson)
  5. Honeybadger

    This song has increased my conversions

    It's not for everyone but if you need some motivation try some violin, bagpipes, and deep base (and crank it right up)
  6. juliusjooste

    Have you heard your call? Maybe this is it.

    The story below found its way into my life a little over a decade ago and it has helped me and many of my peers verbalise societal anxieties we felt growing up. I hope that it will serve and inspire you the same way it had me. Answering the Call ... Once upon a time an eagle's egg was found...
  7. Rob32

    Who helps you to stay motivated?

    Hi AffiliateFixers! I have started my journey in affiliate marketing (CPA) some time ago. Currently I am facing a challenge to keep myself motivated as we all know that affiliate marketing is not always smooth and easy. Can anyone advice me some bloggers, motivators or, maybe, YouTube bloggers...
  8. P

    Payleaf - earn money while you save for life's big events

    Hi. My startup company is about to launch and want to offer users with motivation payments to drive traffic thru affiliate marketing sites, but finding the industry is very resistant to incentive traffic. Why is incentive traffic banned on so many sites? I have not found many viable affiliate...
  9. C

    Keep Motivated

    How do you guys keep motivated? My business is up and running and it seems like now that the excitement is gone - I feel less motivated. I really need advice on what my partners and I can do to get that momentum up again!! THNX
  10. S


    I am obembe Sunday Dapo by name. Known as Sir_Phren™ on Citizen of Nigeria, West Africa. Owner of Journey To Library
  11. John_Vianny

    Do You In fact ENJOY what You Do?

    Do You LOVE Your Business? ... perhaps that's why you're not prospering? Alright, simply ask yourself a fast concern: " Do I enjoy my service?" If your response is yes, excellent! You're prepared to proceed and have an effective company. If you simply scratched your head, we have to talk...
  12. Sheik


    Im a student at university Lots of aims
  13. Chris Porter

    Motivational Quote For The DAY

    "If you can make $5, you can make $50,000."
  14. Skill Silo

    New Affiliate Manager - How to motivate Affiliates

    I am new to the affiliate management position and wanted to see if you have any helpful tips to motivate affiliates to 1. Join 2. Promote our website. We are in the education space, specifically in live, 1-on-1 language lessons (unsure if I should be brand dropping here, don't want this to be...
  15. Aditya Saha

    $106.40 in 14 days

    Hello guys, I'm Aditya, from India. This thread is for motivation and not meant for bragging. I know those earnings are pretty low. But this for the newbies who are still reading and not taking action! I was not earning even a single dime and was afraid to invest as it might backfire and I...