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  1. Make Money With CPA

    Kate Ardidon Maxbounty Affiliate Manager

    Hello! @MaxBountyAdam @Steve MaxBounty @MaxBountyJoe I applied to MaxBounty as a publisher my affiliate ID is: 542687 my application is rejected for no reason please see this Screenshot I try to contact my Affiliate Manager Kate Ardidon but when I try to call my call is transferred to...
  2. A

    First time I got hurt In online by MaxBounty

    Hello Affiliatefix, I'm from Bangladesh. First time I got hurt In online. If anyone can provide Quality Paid Traffic From Google, Bing and FB ads, Its really painful that he/she can't work with Maxbounty only for country he from. It's really, really misbehavior with Third world countries. I...
  3. David Mali

    Received A New Payment From Maxbounty

    Hello Guys Long Story Short Fb ads and 1 offer from maxbounty spent $76 on ads and made $700 -- so net profit 624
  4. A

    RESOLVED - AFFILIATE TRAFFIC FRAUD! - Is MaxBounty Become a Beginner Killer ?!

    Never meant to spread negativity and didn't like the fact that this is my 1st post here, but I hope u see where I'm coming from We have here so many points to discuss and make sure that maxbounty doesn't accept beginners & also take my money and fight me to grow up and make a real business with...
  5. B

    Maxbounty and bings ads

    Hi IAM new in maxbounty and run first ad and manual bid is 1$ does it's high if high which bid I need my keywords is earn money online
  6. Rehan Khan

    I have Some questions, Need Help

    Hello, I am with Maxbounty, i have some questions.. Question 1: I want to promote Email submit offer via facebook ads, so how to start with that, because facebook won't allow to promote an affiliate link and also i believe that they will disable my ads account if i promote a landing page that...
  7. Riad18

    I am riad

    i am riad. i am a student. i want to work cpa markating. please help me anyone