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  1. H

    LinkedIn lead gen for multiple companies

    Hi, Lets say you're a B2B lead gen firm, working with 50 companies, many of whom are in different industries, selling them exclusive leads. If you want to use LinkedIn to generate leads, by sending connection requests, chatting to book meetings, creating content etc, how do you logistically do...
  2. Kenrik

    Seeking Help What are the best social media platforms as your perspectives?

    We have all experienced with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.. there will be new social media hubs in future. What is your favourite one & Why? Appreciate your replies!
  3. Leadnetwork

    Official LinkedIn Provides New Update on Spam, Scams and Fake Profiles in the App

    LinkedIn activity is rising by 34% year-over-year, its main feed is now being seen by more and more people, making it more appealing for those looking to spread false narratives. So the platform started to detect and block more fake accounts as they applied improvements in its automated systems...
  4. Sdreatech

    How to increase social media followers?

    Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.
  5. TingoApp

    Announcement Ads with refund

    Hi Guys! I wanted to share with you that we are offering the possibility of executing campaigns on Google, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Linkedin and TikTok, returning up to 10% of the investment you made. It all depends on the monthly amount spend. Any questions let me know.
  6. Honeybadger

    LinkedIn Affiliate Marketing Program - Does it Work?

    Just found LinkedIn Affiliate Marketing Program "one-time $40 commission on monthly subscriptions or 35 percent of the sale from a standalone (individual course) purchase" "30-day tracking cookie" Has anyone...
  7. Gennaro E Turco

    Anyone need help with social media marketing?

    Good day! Social Media Marketing has been my specialty in my overall marketing experience, in several different industries and niches, for 10+ years now. You remember MySpace? Yes, that's about when I started, Make it a GREAT day! :):cool: * EDITED BY ADMIN :affiliatefix: *
  8. Hannah098

    What's your favorite tool for LinkedIn management?

    As a B2G sales spec, I know how it is hard to manage your LinkedIn connections and conversations. Does there any great tools to do that? What's your favorite?
  9. VirtualGlobalPhone

    Attention Economy

    Hi All, Sharing an article written recently on ATTENTION. Hope it helps .. Attention is one of the biggest key for the worlds global economy. Right from individual to biggest enterprise , do things which inevitably either seeks or gives. One spends emotionally, spiritually and financial...
  10. M

    New Business-Related Program to Offer + LinkedIn Questions

    Greetings, We recently completed a new affiliate program for a stress-management training portal that is geared to corporate organizations. The portal contains eight training videos, along with a stress management quiz, stress & pain survey, and personal stress management plan for each employee...
  11. Albertomax1

    Network with other TOP CPA Marketing professionals

    I have 33,000+ Direct Worldwide connections, lets connect with a network of over 33 Million++ This will greatly expand your network, and enable you to find and connect with folks you are looking to network with, like other cpa marketing professionals. Networking and building relationships...
  12. 5200566c

    Looking For Beta Testers For Lead Gen Tool

    Hello AffiliateFix awesome folks! Here's Bennett. I am fairly new to this awesome forum, but TJ send me this way. I am trying to get some beta testers for a LinkedIn tool that me and couple of my friends have built. The tool is free right now and might be free forever depending on the...
  13. T J Tutor

    ProFinder - LinkedIn Expanding With A New Addition

    Now I know that many of you don't think of LinkedIn as a social platform, however, it is a social platform for business. Now they have added a new addition called ProFinder. A new freelancing platform. LinkedIn has over 420 million members and is claimed to be in over 200 countries. Now, while...