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  1. elegantprompt

    Seeking Help Need help for promoting my AI sevices.

    Dear members of the AffiliateFix community, I hope this message finds you well. Today, I come before you with a unique proposition that holds the promise of mutual success and growth. As an AI specialist with a strong programming background and a deep passion for innovation, I have dedicated...
  2. Fullest

    Looking JV in adult

    Hi guys. I have Fully Verified Ph, Xvid, Xham, RT, YP accounts and looking to JV with someone. # Accounts Include: - Fully verified accounts - Fully changeable location (unlimited amount of times), title, description and other info without ghosting/ban. # Benefits: - Increased durability...
  3. msulcs

    I made $893 by Leveraging other peoples email list

    Intro: I have an interesting story about how powerful partnerships are. For a while, I didn't know whether I should post about it, because I can't mention mine or my partner's product without promoting it (which is against the rules). Without giving the key details it's not that interesting...
  4. kevin292

    Looking to Befriend Long-Term Affiliates or Partners for a Smart Tech Store

    Hi friends, I apologize if this is a stupid question, as I am a newbie wanting to learn. I have a website providing affordable smart technology for home and lifestyle. (Smart plugs, smart doorbells, etc.) My company has a green focus on saving energy and also provides a year's supply of...
  5. Z

    Affiliate To Share Knowledge/Tools with

    Hello, I was looking for an affiliate to share pop/Redirect knowledge and tooling with. Also Adult banner traffic focusing on Sweepstakes and Adult Dating. I am looking for someone to share Adplexity and other essential tooling accounts with. And to share ins and outs with will be at...
  6. Simon Purcill

    Potential Joint Venture or affiliates in the fitness niche

    My partner has recently launched a fitness video coaching membership site. We have used wordpress and memberpress to create the site. michelledrielsma .com She is a published author and very well respected in her field. Her point of difference is her excellent technique and technical knowledge...
  7. G

    Looking For JV Business Proposal for Professional Affiliates - Google Adwords & Facbook Ads

    Hi, I'm an internet marketer and working directly with private clients. I am ready for a jv. I'm looking for expert google adwords & facebook advertisers who can convert the traffic into sales. You need to have good offers to promote and must know the terms and conditions for both platforms...
  8. Z

    Partnership BIG profit margins and repeat customers. My site + your traffic/SEO = $

    Hello all, I'm pretty new here so forgive me if this is the wrong section to post in. I'm looking to partner with a skilled marketer that can drive traffic to my site. This is a very profitable niche with very big profit margins and repeat customers. Because of many barriers to entry there are...
  9. Gebedo

    Introduction to Gebedo

    Greetings! I'm currently working as a director of marketing -but over the past 14 years or so, I've worked as an entrepreneur, SEO, web design, digital marketing, etc. I was also an affiliate manager for a while for a CDN. I got a chance to network and meet many super affiliates. That was cool...
  10. amansapps

    Partnership yes ! need joint partner

    hi, I need partner who can understand my programs concept and the power of getting cash flow life long residual income to join under me or use my url and get me members to members rather bulk members so we can share the profits all details I can show you my blog with videos please ask me more :)