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  1. D

    Hello Everyone

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to say hi and I'm excited to join the community. I'm a new affiliate. Will be sharing my journey soon! Diya
  2. Revglue

    Hello From UK

    Hi, I'm a member of many forums, I know about this thing so when you have any questions, hit me. I will help you. I have more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and Affiliate marketing.
  3. ecombizsecrets

    Hi Everyone, I am Lee

    Feel great to join the forum. I would like to share my experience with online business tips and resources.
  4. A

    Xin chao from Vietnam!

    Hi guys! My name is Jason, i living at Vietnam, work in affiliate field around 3-4 years. Worked in ad networks, lauched ICO, and also offering SMM service for several projects Currently i representing direct advertiser for nutra products in ID, TH, VN. We have our own call-center and...
  5. vivian--

    Happy to joining affiliatefix

    hi everybody ,my name is vivian , its really lucky for join this communty, have a chance to learn more professional skills and news converiently,i hope we could communicate and learn more!
  6. Dhiren Vairagade


    Hi, my name is Dhiren Vairagade. I am a 26 years old male from Mumbai, India and currently lawyer. I know it may seem very weird for a lawyer to go for affiliate marketing but as my life have not always been consistent with my past, here i am. (if it makes you curious, please feel free to ask...
  7. Rowland Tan

    Hello everyone!

    Hello, I am a newbie. I’ve known this great forum over 2 years. I hope everyone will help. Thanks a lot!
  8. Yushril

    Introduce Myself.

    Hi, my name is Yushril, i from Indonesia. today is my introduce day. now i will learn about cpa on Affiliatefix. thanks, Yushril
  9. AndrewMacDonald

    Future Marketing Extraordinaire

    Heyy fellow affiliates:) my name's Andrew! I first dabbled into the IM scene a few weeks ago. Spent a decent amount of time researching popular communities. AffiliateFix:affiliatefix: seems like the obvious no-brainer choice! It's truly a pleasure meeting everyone on here! Despite my lack of...
  10. cyberabel

    Amateur Affiliate

    Hi, I like to present myself my name is Abel, it's really nice to meet you all. :)
  11. CaimengChen

    Hi there,I'm new here.

    Hello everyone, My name is Chen.I'm glad to join here and to get the experience from you and sharing knowledge. And i'm running an affiliate website,a platform for advertisers and publishers, Thanks and good luck Chen
  12. B

    Hi from a digital markter

    Hi forum, glad that i found this place! I'm a digital marketer and I do SEA, SEM & social marketing for international brands - some of which the products you probably use daily. I'm proficient with all the terms, how to run all Google ads and social campaigns. However I'm not sure where to...
  13. Fita Iansanti

    Hello All member

    Hi everybody... I am new member, My name is Fita, I am from Indonesia. Glad to join this amazing forum
  14. vintik

    Hope I am not too late

    Hi All Members, My name is Vinay and I am from India and totally new to affiliate marketing. For the past 6 years I have been into staffing and gave good results for my firm, but my boss has now expectations that are hard to fulfill in limited time and this is effecting my normal life. I have...
  15. D

    Just a short intro.

    Hey everyone this is demonRulz From planet Earth . Just join this Awesome forum to explore knowledge. ;) Thanks DemonRulz
  16. michitran

    Hello - I'm Newbie

    Hi everybody, I'm a newbie of Affiliatefix and hope study and exchange more experiences. Plz help me, I hope we'll develope more in near future. Thank you
  17. Daniel Parker

    Erm here goes....

    hi everyone, I'm thankful for being here my interests are affiliate marketing and get paid social media jobs and other online money making groups on socialmedia i also bring up to date information on new products or content for most social site Twitter, Facebook etc. I'm a...
  18. alrey91

    Ready to make some money!!

    Hello Everyone! Just wanted to Introduce my self to the group. My name is Alan, I've been around affiliate marketing for years now, but not until about a month ago I started getting some success which I am super happy about.. I'm not talking about millions, simply about 10 sells over about a...
  19. R

    Hello Affiliate Fix

    Hi there, I´m just introducing myself. It´s a pleasure to be here. I am from Indonesia, 41 yo. I am just resign from my 9 to 5 job :-). Affiliate is my new hope to get financial freedom. I had join CPA business back in 2012 with no luck and lack of self confidence. I do hope this forum can help...
  20. samsul bachkri

    Hi, greting from a newbi

    Hi, I'm new in this online business, well I hope I can learn and share with you all in this forum. Regards, Sams