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introduce yourself

  1. J

    Introduce Myself JP

    Hey Guys. My name is JP. I would be happy to support/help anyone out on this Forum. Please feel free to Message me anytime.
  2. A

    New Member - Introduction

    Hello, My name is Alex I am currently a college student in Los Angeles and I have been looking to learn more about affiliate marketing and in doing some research on places to start learning I stumbled upon AffiliateFix which I am excited to be apart of!
  3. 19 Interactive

    Are you a Robot?

    I'm not! ;) Hi all, I'm here to introduce myself to the forum! I'm mainly here because I create ads for merchants and marketers and I want to learn as much as possible from both sides so that I can better fulfil my clients' needs. I'm also thinking of dipping my toes in the water and trying...
  4. A

    Hello world, I guess

    Hi, kinda new around here, read some threads and you guys are awesome! Happy to be here with you! Ofc as a newbie I have a lot of struggles and misunderstandings and the biggest struggle is there is so much information and how a beginner should properly start. What are your TOP advice for a...
  5. Dhiren Vairagade


    Hi, my name is Dhiren Vairagade. I am a 26 years old male from Mumbai, India and currently lawyer. I know it may seem very weird for a lawyer to go for affiliate marketing but as my life have not always been consistent with my past, here i am. (if it makes you curious, please feel free to ask...
  6. Ludovic Vuillier

    Hi everyone!

    Hello everyone, just here to introduce myself. I am a vendor (I posted up the offer in the relevant forum) with an extensive sales background. My goal here is to help me find affiliates for our site. Having said that, I am more than happy to answer any questions about sales that you may have...
  7. W

    Hello from Cuttack- small town, India

    Hello, My name is Gautam. And I hail from a small town, Cuttack in Odisha province of India. Great to connect with the whole world through this 'tiny' technology called the internet! Super happy to be on this awesome platform -affiliatefix. Let's all learn from each other my fellow affiliate...
  8. refleksive2405

    Hello, I am newbie,

    Hello everyone, I am newbie and also I am new on this forum. Btw sorry for my bad english its not my native language. I am interested in affiliate marketing in 2-3 months but I dont have enough experience. Nowadays, I am trying to get leads by using free social media traffic. I am so grateful...
  9. ronyking247


    Hey guys, I need to come in here to re-introduce myself again. I'm excited to be here. promised to be good, nice and apt. Thank you!
  10. Malama

    Glad To Join This amazing community

    Hey guys Malama here I do affiliate marketing on the side and planning to build it into a full time business to replace my job, its amazing to find a community of like minded people Hope to share and gain value from this community
  11. A

    New Here!

    Hello everyone, Happy to be part of the AffiliateFix community! I started a content site in the career/ jobs niche on 1st of january '019 and have been growing it slowly since. Hope to learn & contribute to this awesome community. Cheers,
  12. M


    Hi! I'd just like to say Hello to everybody. I joined AF to learn more and maybe someday help someone else. Thank you, Mary Loti
  13. AndrewMacDonald

    Future Marketing Extraordinaire

    Heyy fellow affiliates:) my name's Andrew! I first dabbled into the IM scene a few weeks ago. Spent a decent amount of time researching popular communities. AffiliateFix:affiliatefix: seems like the obvious no-brainer choice! It's truly a pleasure meeting everyone on here! Despite my lack of...
  14. R

    Hello all, I can't tell you how pleased I am to be here with all of you Killer Marketers!

    My name is Bob Silver and, I've been doing Online Marketing in some form or another since 2006 when, I started with the man who started PPC Coach, Will Hameril. I'm older now and, taking the Online Marketing thing much more seriously now which brings me here today. Let's all learn and make money...
  15. Garuda Media

    Hello Awesome World

    Hi guys, my name is saifudin zuhri, you guys can call me with udin. I was a public relation in Garuda Media Digdaya (cpa network). will be many products that I will announce soon. but I would like to say hello to all affilliatefix team first and to all affilliate around the world. have a...
  16. Spiegelman

    Canadian newbie saying HI!

    Hello everyone, today I'm excited because,... finally I was able to set up my FIRST EVER ad on Facebook, it took me several days to learn how to do it, between knowing what's an URL and how to cloak it, creating a banner, and filling up those countless tech things that are asked when you place...
  17. cyberabel

    Amateur Affiliate

    Hi, I like to present myself my name is Abel, it's really nice to meet you all. :)
  18. KatieMac

    Nice to meet everyone

    Hi Would just like to give a quick introduction, I am known as Katie or Cathy, I have been in Affiliate marketing for coming upto 4 years now it has been quite the journey, started with zero experience, now I enjoy building wordpress sites, my own sites and actively working on understanding...
  19. Y

    Hello for all

    Hi This is yosen, I'd really describe myself as a person with a versatile skill-set, a lot of integrity and a willingness to go the extra mile to learn and share. Thanks Yosen.
  20. shadowbluff

    Hello Everyone, You are awesome

    Hello guys, i just joined this community, i am novice to cpa i hope i get the most of this. I highly regard all of you hard workers and i intend to do the same i hope we could all benefit and why not ....... have fun.