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  1. HustleWithAli

    Hey Entrepreneurs!

    Hi! My name is Ali and I am from Dubai. I am an Affiliate Marketer and I also have my own digital products listed on W+. Its my first time here on this forum and I would love to help you guys out :) Best Of Luck Ali
  2. X

    Hey Everyone! Paige, CEO Of Earth & Elle here to introduce myself

    Hey Everyone! My name is Paige I am the CEO & Founder of Earth and Elle. We are a vegan, cruelty free supplement brand that is 100% women owned. 80% of our employees are female. We create a range of supplements that are beneficial for your hair, skin, & nails. Our IG & FB is @xoearthandelle
  3. J

    Introduce Myself JP

    Hey Guys. My name is JP. I would be happy to support/help anyone out on this Forum. Please feel free to Message me anytime.
  4. Revglue

    Hello From UK

    Hi, I'm a member of many forums, I know about this thing so when you have any questions, hit me. I will help you. I have more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and Affiliate marketing.
  5. Chris Taylor

    Hello! My name is...

    Hello. I want to introduce myself to community. My name is Chris, and I'm here out of curiosity. Honestly, I am a total newbee in IM and affiliate networks. I think this is where they will learn something new.
  6. Anna Kowalska

    Hello from Poland

    Wanted to intro myself. My name is Anna. I am here to make new connections, learn all I can, and give my input where I can. Great to be in here looking to forward to this new forum
  7. dnoriegas

    My history in this affiliate world short intro presentation.

    Hi guys! I am Mexican Living in Prague, my home city in Mexico is called Guadalajara, i hope that you are familiar with the name (Is close to tequila city :)) Well 5 years ago Uber Eats was launched in my city, I was really lucky I created a FB fan page and for some reason (It was called uber...
  8. Cody Rauh

    New Vendor

    Looking to launch an affiliate program in early 2021 for three categories, games, game soundtracks, and app-based training courses. Here to do further research and learn more from the affiliate perspective of their day to day before finalizing all components of the plan for the contract/program...
  9. slaender

    Hello Iam new here :)

    Hi, I am new here at affiliatefix and also new in affiliate marketing. I am from Austria, and i want to get into the world of affiliate marketing. I've read a lot about email marketing, funnels, facebook ads, google ads, copywriting and so on. I am thinking of starting out with facebook ads...
  10. Jonathan Felix

    Introducing Me To You

    Introducing myself to you, I am now introducing myself to you, one thing I love doing is recommending great affiliate programs and opportunities to people that can change their lives for the better. Reach out to me at any time to introduce yourself to me.
  11. juliusjooste

    Photography V2.0 - New ways creatives can earn in the information age.

    Hi Everyone, I'm so very pleased to be part of this community. My name is Julius Jooste and I'm a visual artist who mainly focuses on photography. I'm very passionate about art and technology and I like to think that I operate on the intersection where those two disciplines meet. I've...
  12. M

    Mbazazel is the name, affiliate marketing is the game ( at least that's the dream)

    Hi, everyone! My name is Mbazazel, a 26 years old female who wants to make affiliate marketing her full-time job. I started 2 years ago with blogging, BingAds, and gave up after a while because I wasn't seeing any results and losing too much money. A few months ago I started again because...
  13. Dhiren Vairagade


    Hi, my name is Dhiren Vairagade. I am a 26 years old male from Mumbai, India and currently lawyer. I know it may seem very weird for a lawyer to go for affiliate marketing but as my life have not always been consistent with my past, here i am. (if it makes you curious, please feel free to ask...
  14. Dor NetNut

    Hi From Israel!

    Hi all, pleased to e-meet you :) I Hope you are all well in these crazy times. Great being here, hope to bring value and some of my knowledge. How are you managing during the current situation? if anyone needs any marketing assistance, I will be happy to share some insights. Stay safe and...
  15. 8020 Master


    Hey guys! It's amazing to be here and share my own journey through affiliate marketing with you. I've done everything from online programs to forex training to crypto lead gen, to weight loss and everything in between. Excited to share my expertise and training with you all! Plus I want to...
  16. Ronyking Sourcing INC

    Newbie Here, Show some love guys!

    Im RonyKing Sourcing INC. i hope you guys will make welcome me right here. Wish to make friends, partnering and what a view.
  17. JHems30

    Introduction: JHems30

    Hello, everyone. My name is James. I am entering this forum as a complete newbie to the online marketing world. It is my mission to become an expert online marketer and make it my full time occupation. I know I have a lot of reading to do......and I have a lot of work to do! I am happy to be...
  18. Albertoo

    Hi! I'm Alberto

    Hey guys! This is Alberto, just wanted to introduce my self to the community. I have been doing affiliate marketing since 2014 and still learning every single day. Right now I'm focused on list building and develop my email marketing skills. Take care guys and see you around!
  19. John Rivera

    Hi, my name is John.

    Just joined, hope to become a valuable member of this community. I'm just starting out as an affiliate marketer, so any help will be appreciated. I'm sure I will have lot's of questions for you in the future.
  20. K

    Hello, nice joining affiliatefix

    Hi, thanks for finally accepting me as a member of the greatest forum which helps and assist others to succeed in all aspect of their online businesses. I'm looking forward to learn and help others as well in various help they might need from me with the little skills and knowledge I have.