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  1. juliusjooste

    Powerful Meditation

    I first came across the loving-kindness meditation while visiting the Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa during 2012. It is very powerful and is the meditation I most recommend when one wants to cultivate love for oneself. Each sentence is an in-breath or out-breath...
  2. Muhammad Hamza

    Selling Traffic CPA traffic available

    Hi We have traffic for Forex/Crypto, Finance, Loans, Gambling, Health, Dating & Nutra on CPA basis. Join us as advertiser & launch your campaigns with us Registration - AdsWick Next Generation CPA Network Regards AdsWick Sales
  3. HealthPromoter

    New here and looking for data partners

    Hi everyone. Looking forward to collaborating. I’ve been in the media space nearly 2 decades and focus my energy on helping people get great deals on healthcare while staying compliant with every piece of legislation required in the space. I’m in search of new publishers who are looking to...
  4. Lisvaldo Duran

    Affiliates Wanted $1,000 Contest for this (90% Commssion offer) <==

    Have you not heard about it yet? There's a new contest in town that's right! We like to take care of our serious affiliates so we are running our first contest. This will only be for active affiliates promoting Belly Fat Shrinker product on Clickbank. The prize of the winner will be $1,000...
  5. Edack

    Best Facebook Vertical - Offers - Health?

    I have been planning to promote affiliate products to FB with lead generation opt-ins. FB Ad > Email Optin > Offer; Email Sequence. Only If it breaks-even I will start Email Sequence. How good idea it is to promote Liver/Health Related Verticals on FB Ads. Do you have any thoughts...
  6. Daria_WapEmpire

    E-commerce at Wapempire: get what you really need!

    WapEmpire announces a new start: now e-commerce offers are available. We start with the most attractive direct offers, including Asian snack boxes, smoking staff, health products and more. What makes our campaigns unique? We work with direct advertisers only and add exactly what you ask for...
  7. Healthbeautyfitnessfreak

    Eager to help whatever you want to know about beauty and fitness tips

    Hi, i would be happy to help you with any queries pertaining to weight loss, weight gain, hair loss, skin issues etc.
  8. Lucian SC

    Announcement In-house Nutra line at BitterStrawberry

    We're proud to announce that our in-house Nutra is going live soon in BitterStrawberry's Marketplace with it's first product. The product is the first from an upcoming line of high-quality complex supplements and already has excellent results in Pharmacies. Since it's a complex supplement...
  9. L

    Offer Wanted Hi! Looking for tested health offers :)

  10. kishore73

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for traffic in all verticals

    Looking foraffiliates in beauty,health, adult,crypto verticals on CPA/CPL basis. High payouts.No prepayment
  11. Clifton Flack

    Hi... I sell Cannabis in the UK

    Got your attention ? :-) My company produces Hemp dervived CBD products for the UK / EU market. Everything is 100% legal and since hemp is cannabis, it's a kinda sexy business. We've only recently launched our ecommerce store and setting up an affiliate program is an important channel for...
  12. Michael_Olavivo

    Offer Wanted Nutra + Ecomm Direct Advertisers Are Needed.

    Hi guys, We're looking for direct (owned by the advertiser only) Nutra and Ecomm offers. Please feel free to contact me via Skype and email at the below. Skype - live:kazula.michael83 Thanks a lot. Michael
  13. abdellahi

    FREE Landing page for CPS offer

    Hi everyone so i though to give this LPs for free yes for FREE you can find the offer on mabounty it pays 68$ and use Bing or adword to promote and make $$$ i've already tested the campaign on bing and got some converions why not you offer : Landing page Good luck ;)
  14. AffNinjas

    Direct Offers

    We have health/beauty/adult products - direct offers in several EU countries. Looking for quality traffic on CPA/CPL/CPC basis.
  15. Iftekhar Ahmed

    My Case study of Goji Cream offer using Adnow native ads

    Hey peeps, I just started my adult CPA journey with Adcombo. Started with the best converting offers 1. TITAN GEL 2. GOJI Cream. In this thread I will be sharing the test I performed. The details are: Offer: Goji cream Thai Traffic source : Adnow Landing and Pre-landing by Adcombo So I...
  16. P

    anybody can sujjest me best bloging sites.

    a blogging site where i can get all the information at one place..
  17. TynaTwine

    Facebook - Unapproved Ads

    Hello, I tried to promote on Facebook a hair product not directly, but via an article about hair loss. I tried 3 different ways and always I received the unapproved message, telling me that it does not meet the requirements for ads. Once I got this message "This ad appears to promote adult...
  18. M

    How I can boost up my Affiliate Sales

    I am new in Affiliate marketing. I am working with health related products
  19. Anna Davidson

    Introduction! :)

    Hi, My name is Anna and I'm an advertiser and publisher (blogger) working all across Europe, the US and also MENA region. Been an affiliate manager for a beauty brand for over 6 years now! Lovely to meet you all. Just checking in here to see if I can learn some more! Or maybe help people
  20. NoomCoach

    Affiliates Wanted Health & Wellness Affiliate Program, High CPA + Bonuses

    Hello, We are actively looking for new affiliates with the ability to reach people who are interested in improving their health. NoomCoach is a popular web ( and mobile product that has been featured by multiple news outlets and has grown organically, but now we've just launched our...