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  1. Honeybadger

    How do you ask for higher % commission?

    What is the best way to ask for a better commission rate? Not sure how it works but I have generated $20k in the past month across 5 networks and getting average 4-5% commission Or should I just promote higher value products?
  2. A

    How to attract Affiliates to Your Offer or Product?

    Hello All, I am starting a business that will be soon listed on Clickbank however what is the process of finding and gaining affiliates to join your company and help promote your product(s). In other words, where can I find affiliates located on other forums and what places should I promote my...
  3. competetowin

    How do I GROW my new affiliate program, and have you any WARNINGS?

    Hello, Back in the day I used to dabble in IM, but then one of my hobbies turned into a business, and I've been doing that full-time since 2012. Now I'm a father, and need my business to bring in more money, so last month I launched an affiliate program that I believe I've made to have the...
  4. Palash Bagchi

    Anyone welcoming me? :-)

    Great to be part of this thriving network. I have spent 17 years working with Global Tech Giants like IBM and Oracle. The last 5 years I have been the CEO of STPL Global. I have put in years of research and implementation on Digital Marketing with deep expertise on email *@ marketing, content...
  5. Mr. Fantastic

    Mastermind Premium Instagram Free Engagement Group [Hit explore page today]

    Engagement Group - 800+ Members [still growing fastest] If you do not have Telegram you can get it on PC just click "Get Telegram" and there is a web version you can use! For me Mobile version works best !! you can use it on pc or mobile wherever you want How to join - 1. Download Telegram...