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  1. Nilofeur

    Affiliates Wanted Need a partner affiliate for our network

    Hi! We are a big network working with two types of products. The platforms are both regulated and non-regulated.We are looking for an affiliate that works with FB and google. Payment - CPA, will be very high an competitive. We wok with almost every GEO worldwide.
  2. Latoya

    FB ads in a nutshell

    So I was doing tons of research (it’s 230am and I’m still searching) but there are things or holes to what needs to be done as a newbie to get started with CPA affiliate marketing. For instance, here is what I know so far. 1)Find good deal on affiliate site 2)take link to Facebook and create...
  3. Ralph Miller

    Facebook page promotion

    How can I promote my business facebook page and get more page likes and reach without promoting my page with Facebook ad
  4. Benitajoe

    My first payment from Crackrevenue

    My first payment with free traffic from Facebook
  5. TravelingAffiliate

    HELP - Need Guidlines For Disabled Facebook Ad Account

    Hey Guys Today morning, my Fb ad account got deactivate. I am not sure what was the reason, I have few red lights: 1. I was promoting offer of immigration to Canada, and than started to promote another offer from max bounty, my ad account is active long time. The offer from max bounty got...
  6. luckyboy

    Facebook cloaking

    Hi guys, I work as senior media buyer. We are an advertising company representing different brands manufactured in USA. I would like to advertise those brands in Facebook...the problem is most of our products are cosmetics and they got banned very often from Facebook for policy...
  7. YasonNasser

    Best Traffic source for Gift Card's Offers

    Dear All, could you please advice what is the best traffic source should i use to promote a gift cards offers? i used Facebook ads "Post Engagement" which make 39 post engagement and total reach 70 but there isn't any clicks. in addition i tried many campaign on Facebook with no hope kindly advise
  8. thehuynhonline

    Help me! Ads Facebook

    Advertise games, applications, weight loss, functional food on facebook. die accounts? Who can help me to solve. To advertise this product on facebook.
  9. T J Tutor

    Funneling Facebookers To Our Blogs

    For some of us, content marketing is our full time business. What recommendations can you give us to increase funneling Facebook users to our blog's, content sites, and continuity sites?
  10. T J Tutor

    Marketers Not Yet Using Facebook Advertising

    There are an abundance of marketers not using Facebook because they hear all kinds of negativity about users and ad accounts being banned for no reason. Consequently they feel why bother. I've never had this problem with Facebook, or any other social media ad accounts. I simply always review the...
  11. T J Tutor

    Finding the Ideal Customer

    I've find that many marketers trying to make Facebook work for them rarely outline a plan before putting together their campaigns. How do you approach new campaigns with a plan?