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  1. Sengezo

    Hi Everyone

    I'm new here and I've been learning affiliate marketing for a while now and the information I got was overwhelming a bit in the beginning and also confusing but now I'm gradually getting clarity.I'm willing to share the information I got along the way and also looking forward to explore your...
  2. G

    entrepreneur PRO

    I have been an entrepreneur and work since 2011 in the field of the Internet, I went through and learned about the meat how to be a great entrepreneur! I have over 50+ sites and platforms that I built myself !! I have a team that maintains a complete set of sites on a variety of topics. The...
  3. ledrew

    My Name is Ledrew

    Hi Everyone my name is Ledrew and I am from Bermuda, a little island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I am a retired senior with 8 grandchildren married to one wife for 43 years. I am here to help and learn how to create a sustainable second income.
  4. K

    Do not focus only on money

    look for people who will add value to the company and to you, as an entrepreneur and as a person. Successful entrepreneurs are always surrounded by determined people, who know the sector in which you develop and can open a lot of possibilities.
  5. cladvi

    Introduction-Shan Cladvi

    Hey Affiliatefixers! I m Shan Cladvi From Canada. I love Online marketing and want to meet like-minded people all the time, i m a Dad love drive fast cars. and dogs as pet.. so done with my dad from age 14 and have DNA on business,, i m not new to the Online business world and to be honest i...
  6. MB101

    Hey! I'm Mike from London, UK

    Graphic Designer / Developer / Marketer / Entrepreneur
  7. N

    Hey there! I am Nico Serdeir, from Failory

    Hey there! How are you doing? I am Nico Serdeir, co-founder of, a website where we weekly interview failed startups and learn from their mistakes.
  8. O

    CPA Marketing 101

    What is CPA Marketing
  9. Millio

    WHAT UP Wit It, I'm Millio

    Guys this is my 1st time EVER being apart of an online community of marketers, I am honoured to be among you guys, I hope you guys reach out and connect with me, I love to network and share + exchange ideas and crush this affiliate marketing game, Holla at ya boy✌
  10. jzarate

    Just Starting Back Up Again

    Hey Guys, My name is John, I used to have 2 websites before but I stopped doing internet marketing because I was in college and didn't have the drive to do anything with them. But I'm coming back and are wanting to connect with as many people as possible and see what I can truly do. Any advice...
  11. spannco

    New JVZoo Seller Looking for Affiliates

    Hey, My name is Amanda and although I have a background in marketing, I am pretty new to the affiliate space. I just listed my first products on JVZoo, a workbook series called #LaunchLove. The books are step-by-step guides for startups and small businesses on how to build your brand on a...
  12. spannco

    New JVZoo Seller Ready to Rock It!

    Hey guys, My name is Amanda and although my background is in marketing, I am relatively new to the affiliate space. I just created my first set of products on JVZoo, a set of workbooks called #LaunchLove: they're step-by-step guides for building your brand and attracting new customers on a...
  13. Ebon3 Fyre

    Hello World

    My name is Ebon3 Fyre and I am looking to increase my income and offer my clients wonderful offers! I have not had a whole lot if luck with affiliate marketing before but am trying once again to give it a go. Wish me luck in my journey to success as I shall wish the same for you! Have an awesome...
  14. ladyjadeconcierge

    Hi, Forum Members

    Hi, forum members. Not an affiliate marketer. I'm small business owner providing concierge services.
  15. T J Tutor

    As A Guest Author...

    Tim, I have read a number of articles authored by you at and wondered how frequently you are guest authoring and where besides you are published. T J