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  1. naturebayshop

    Looking for an affiliate marketing manager for Woocommerce store

    We currently have a Woocommerce store, and we just need some help with affiliate marketing. You should know how to set up an affiliate marketing campaign based on CPS or CPA model. The target niche will be home products, home decor, car accessories, health, baby care,etc. And you need to...
  2. juliusjooste

    Photography V2.0 - New ways creatives can earn in the information age.

    Hi Everyone, I'm so very pleased to be part of this community. My name is Julius Jooste and I'm a visual artist who mainly focuses on photography. I'm very passionate about art and technology and I like to think that I operate on the intersection where those two disciplines meet. I've...
  3. Mia Wu

    I want to work with CPS ecom affiliate network or publishers

    Does anyone can recommend ecommerce affiliate network or ecommerce publishers for me? Our company wants to sell our drones in US, UK, JP and want to find someone who can bring in online traffic and work on CPS model. We already have amazon sales volumes, but we want expand the volume except...
  4. Aoife

    Affiliates Wanted eCommerce Affiliate Program

    xSellco provides online retailers with dedicated eCommerce solutions they need to support quicker, grow faster and sell more! We are one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe and we want you to share in our success. We are now accepting to our Affiliate Program. Here's what you...
  5. A

    Looking For eCommerce Affiliate Programs

    Hi all, I've been an affiliate marketer in the eCommerce industry for about 2 years now. I was originally pushing the larger ecommerce companies like Shopify and Amazon but I found I wasn't getting anywhere with them. I was invited to join xsellco's affiliate program about 3 months ago and I'm...
  6. Shubham Ghildiyal

    Cost per sale traffic!

    Hi, I am looking for traffic sources, in terms of CPS(cost per sale) model. I would be looking people good with Social media, E-mail Marketing, Blogs traffic, SEM. I have very good offers to promote, which are carrying extremely good amount of traffic to there websites, with on an average 30...
  7. Juliya Gom

    Affiliates Wanted Ecom and dropshipping affiliates, we're looking for you | 50% commission!

    Hi members, we've been working really hard on AliDropship plugin and it has already powered thousands of WP and WooCommerce merchants around the world. Hope you'll find it notable, too :) And we're very interested in working with you on a partner level to promote it! 50% commission or $44.5...
  8. coolspot19

    Getting Listed On An Affiliate Network

    I know there are a ton of affiliate networks on AF, and this seems to be something that isnt really covered anywhere on the internet so I think it could be a useful resource. Can any of the Affiliate networks let us know the steps to get an e-commerce site listed on your platform, steps to get...
  9. RaeeA

    NeWants Elite Members Program - Not Your Typical Affiliate Group

    Hello! My name is Raee and I’m currently an affiliate member for NeWants, a new tech start-up funded by Bluefly. NeWants is an e-commerce startup that offers the best-selling tech gadgets and lifestyle products on the market at the lowest prices. By using crowdfunding, NeWants decentralizes...
  10. Exedream Media Group

    Anyone come to AWE Barcelona? let's Meet!

    Hi Everyone, Will anyone be in the show?I will arrive in Barcelona on 16th July. Let me introduce myself, i am the Co-fouder of CamelDeliver. Myself is a Coding peasant, coding for many many years and never stop hhhh, but want to try something new. I and my team have tried many nutra offers...
  11. Nongmaithem Archna

    Affiliates Wanted Zeitgeist Gifts- a new affiliate program

    Hi Affiliates, Here's a campaign where you can earn huge commission. Please check this link for more info. Zeitgeist Gifts - A New Affiliate Program
  12. SKUFeeds

    SKU Feeds Are Recruiting - Recurring Monthly Commissions

    Hello guys, I hope you are all well and succeeding in your personal areas of Affiliate Marketing. It's that time again, SKU Feeds are recruiting! - JOIN TODAY! With the continued success and growth of our service we are always on the look out for new, determined Affiliates to join our...
  13. clickman

    Looking for traffic and affiliates!

    Hi Everybody, I'm new to AffFix - I manage several different products through my own Aff/Processing Platform and I'm always looking for great new traffic ideas and Affiliates to work with. I'm aggressive on commissions, so drop me a line if you want to make some extra $$$$$!
  14. L

    Looking for affiliates

    Hey there! We're in a process of increasing the affiliate channel for our product - Triggmine. TriggMine is an email marketing automation solution for eCommerce. We’ve launched predictive analytics technology that will set up tailor-made email automation workflow in just one click. One-button...
  15. S

    Looking for traffic

    Hi, we have millions of offers, and we have lots of projects towards affiliate marketing, e.g. apps and games on CPI, CPA, and e-commerce(selling own products.) Based in China, have tons of connection with people in the industry. Hit me up by adding me on skype soniathegreat
  16. Seller Dynamics

    A new member and a new affiliate program looking for advice

    This is way of an introduction - so hopefully its the right tone and doesn't breach any forum rules. What I'm looking for: I'm looking to find out more and properly understand the affiliate world. So learning from the various forum threads seems like a good place to start. Why I'm looking...