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  1. 7gi7bu7

    Hello AffFix

    Hope to have a good time here. I joined to learn more and also to share some of my methods.
  2. A

    Is it hard to make $50,000 with PWA applications?

    Has anyone worked with PWA applications? I'm currently running PWA apps and have made almost $50,000 on them.
  3. L

    Looking For Tips on how to get people interested on affiliate marketing.

    Hi, good day, this is Jordan from lasthr(dot)com any tips or techniques on how to get people interested in affiliate marketing? We are starting a small business and we want people to join and earn money online. Thanks in advance. Our website. lasthr(dot)com
  4. Mohiuzzaman

    New Affiliate Marketer

    I am excited to join this amazing AffiliateFix family! Lots of guideline and resource I have found in this friendly forum. I found AffiliateFix is one of the best and friendliest affiliate marketing forum in the world. I am enjoying this. Hope I will learn more from this affiliate marketing...
  5. pockett

    15 ebook of methods for earn money online (my personal collection)

    Here is my personal collection of ebooks with methods for making money online, all methods are working, at least most are working enjoy
  6. J

    Can you help me generate money with CPA?

    Hello friends, I am new to the forum and I come here to help me earn money, I have about $ 60 and I plan to invest them in buying traffic for CPA but the problem is that I do not know much about buying traffic, setting up lading pages and I have my domain and hosting. What dou you recommend...
  7. PaidPoints

    We Want To Make Daily Payouts If Possible

    Hello friends. This has been a bugging issue on my mind. On PaidPoints, we have always wanted to make daily payouts, but due to the fact that some users may not complete offers properly, What if we payout daily and are not able to recoup the funds if the user didn't complete offer properly ...
  8. PaidPoints

    My Story

    Hello everyone, I just joined affiliatefix. Here is my story. I have been learning about how to earn online and working online for 6 - 8 hours everyday since 2010 . After 8 years of learning to earn and working online, I decided to start up a blog in 2018 to teach other people about how to earn...
  9. P


  10. Uliana Moreva

    Announcement Black Friday Week on Affbank! +50% Discounts on all services.

    Hello guys:) We are happy to announce the Black Friday Week :ninja: You can take any Affbank service with the discount of 50%!:eek::eek::eek: CHECK!
  11. Noah Wills

    What is Adsense best alternative ??

    Hello there , I just wanted to know that which site is best alternative for adsense because adsense is not verifying my site . It would be really helpful if anyone can tell me its best alternative. Any types of ads : Banner , pop under, popup etc. Thank you
  12. Alexey Pearce

    Crypto&Forex&Lottery CPA and CPL direct offers

    Regulated Brand: Fin Market* [Forex/CFD]; CPA: starts from $500; Platform: Panda; Language: EN/FR/DE; GEOs: South Africa, Botswana, United Kingdom, Scandinavian country; Brand: 10 [Forex, Crypto, CFD]; CPA: starts from $500; Platform: Trader soft; Language: EN/DE; GEOs: New Zealand...
  13. Littles83

    Affiliate beginner

    Hello I am a newly beginner. Looking for tips tricks suggestions for earning money by affiliate marketing for fairly cheap or free to start. Also preferred in the medical field avenues. Any help is so greatly appreciated!! Thank you
  14. D

    Affiliate Publishers working on Education Niche

    Earn money online by promoting our online courses. There is no charges for signup as publisher with us. Just signup for free and Start promoting our courses worldwide. For every sale you can earn between USD 50 to USD 300. Company Name - Sprintzeal Program - Sprintzeal Affiliate Program
  15. V

    Three simple ways to monetize your blog

    After browsing around this forum and doing a bit of research on the side, I realised there are a lot of publishers out there who want to start getting money from their traffic, without knowing the first steps to take. In this sense, one of the most common questions that keeps popping up is ...
  16. StudyCash

    We invite you to join the STUDYCASH affiliate program for resume-writing and educational traffic.

    Dear webmasters! We invite you to join the STUDYCASH affiliate program for resume-writing and educational traffic. STUDYCASH offers: -> rates up to 75% from the first and up to 25% from returning orders -> $164 average order sum -> long time rebills: after first purchase, the client remains...
  17. Tusohian

    Just Got A Payment From Best Change

    Hey guys just got my payment of 1.04$ from BestChange. Here is the link bellow to the website : Here is (My Referral Link) or Here is (Non Referral Link). Here is my payment proof bellow.
  18. TheDanmit

    Let's make some money

    Hello everyone, Overview So I decided to start with Bing again I created a campaign for weight loss offer from maxbounty and funded my account with 100 Euro. I'm using bemob tracking platform everything what I did is according to their setup guide, so cross fingers for me :) . My campaign...
  19. A

    AdsVale Highest Paying CPM network

    AdsVale is an advertising platform and where advertisers can get quality traffic and publishers can earn bitcoins/Dollars by Monetizing their websites or blogs. Advertisers can deposit money via PayPal/Bitcoin While Publishers can withdraw their funds in PayPal/Payza/PerfectMoney/Bitcoin...
  20. JohnCosta

    HELLO Guys!!!

    Hello everyone, I was the first to join this alliance forum, interested in making money like this way,Who can teach me, or have a good recommendation of the affiliatefix website? THANKS!!!