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  1. MatthewBB

    Seeking Help 0.01$ CPM or low CPC? Looking for network

    Hello, I am looking for popunder/popup ad network where I can buy traffic for as low as 0.01-0.03$/1000 (CPM) I know it's super cheap, but honestly, I don't care about traffic quality at all. It have to be real and that's it - can have even 100% bounce rate. Or in case of CPC - 0.0001-0.0004...
  2. HilltopAds

    Black Friday: Marketing Strategy

    What’s the Big deal about Black Friday.. A wise man once said: ”The three most important days in advertisers life are the day he starts running ads, the day he gets revenue from them and Black Friday shopping day”. But let’s put jokes aside: discussing Black Friday marketing strategy is...
  3. Tatyana_ClickAdilla

    Official RTB Adapting to Change: How RTB is Revolutionizing the Affiliate Marketing Landscape

    In this article, we will delve into the history of RTB in affiliate marketing, exploring its emergence, and development over the years, and the factors that have contributed to its recent surge in popularity. Real-time bidding (RTB), also known as programmatic advertising, revolutionizes how...
  4. windtraffic

    WindTraffic - Smart solution for advertising

    Wind Traffic is a self-service traffic network that brings publishers and advertisers together to achieve satisfactory results. Wind Traffic specializes in publisher tools to monetize your website traffic and deep targeting methods for advertisers to get the right traffic for your products. We...
  5. SuryaJ

    EZMob : Native ads Traffic

    Hello Members, As always, we tend to keep you up to date with the latest updates, this time we choose to draw the attention for our Native ads inventory. We Serve - • Worldwide Traffic • Mainstream and adult traffic type. • Premium direct publisher inventory • Supports all...
  6. Julia

    Official ADxAD

    Darja submitted a new resource: ADxAD - We are Adult Self Managed Platform For Advertisers & Mediabuyers Read more about this resource...
  7. Clickadu Denis

    Drive EU traffic at $1.5

    Clickadu team is looking for mainstream traffic. Drive traffic at $1.5 per 1000 impressions on the following GEO: Iceland Andorra Estonia Malta Latvia Bulgaria Monaco Portugal Ireland Croatia Sign up here to start: Loading...
  8. V

    Why you should exploit native ads to conquer 2018

    What are native ads? Native advertising can replicate the format, function or content of a website, creating a flow that doesn’t appear interrupted by ads. By 2021, 74% of ad revenue is predicted to be derived from native advertising according to Business Insider. Benefits: not affected by...

    How to start with CPM

    Hello, I want to start with CPM marketing, i already have idea of CPI marketing and now i want to start with other model which is CPM. So Can anyone guide me how to start with CPM/CPC means what do i need to do ? From where i can find CPM campaigns and where i can promote it ? Which is best...
  10. A

    Want To Know Ad Network for Indian Traffic CPM No POPUP

    Hello I am new hera can anybody tell me which will be Good adnetwork for My Indian Site Daily VISIT 30k No POPUP or Redirecting Only CPM/PPC banners any size please tell me
  11. Julia Tubecorporate

    The highest CPM rates for everyone!

    Got tube or image traffic? Earn stable money in adult industry! Our primary goal is to secure maximum earnings and tools usability for our traffic sellers, that is why we created innovative pricing methods per each country and device, as well as provided unique statistic analysis, so our...
  12. Aida

    Holly Friday!!!!))))

    Guys, How do you spend your long-awaited weekend?)) Tell me, please, interesting stories :);)
  13. Adultex

    Hello Guys !

    My name is Ben and I work for Adultex ad network. I'm very excited to be part of Adultex and can't wait to exchange my knowledge with you guys. I'm part of this industry for 2 years and I like it. We promote adult offers. Additional information about us: We live in Romania, we buy and sell...
  14. PolluxN

    Hi everyone

    I'm Eduardo traffic manager at Pollux Network which is a fast growing Ad network known for its quick support and exclusive premium websites. We are here to look for potencial partnerships but also grow and share our knowledge in the affiliate marketing industry. Regards
  15. Helen Wingoads

    Selling Traffic We are selling High quality CPM traffic (now bonus 25$ free)

    Wingoads is a CPM ad network targeting mobile clients offering mobile publishers and app owners a new way to monetize mobile and in-app traffic. Today we offer cutting-edge mobile marketing products in which advertisers pay only for measurable performance, and publishers monetize with superbly...
  16. Helen Wingoads

    Affiliates Wanted Wingoads - MAKE MONEY TODAY EARNING HIGH eCPM

    Mobile ad network. We invite both - publishers and advertisers, Wingoads is the best solution for your mobile advertising goals. Easy to sign-up at
  17. Helen Wingoads

    Selling Traffic Mobile traffic on CPM

    We have +3000 campaigns live in Wingoads and our team here can make a shortlist of our best-matching offers for you. We would also suggest to make an account at so you get full access to platform. Make a deposit 25$ and you will Receive $25 Bonus for FREE!
  18. Helen Wingoads

    Announcement Deposit funds Min 25$ and as a bonus upon registration we provide 25$

    Wingoads mobile Ad Network. We offer supply and demand for mobile inventory. Please sign up at We are looking for exclusive campaigns - this means campaigns that you OWN or that you are the exclusive agency. We can drive really big volumes.
  19. I

    Hi all - Seeking to learn about traffic feeds and CPM

    Hi all - until recently I was working in affiliate marketing for personal finance offers. I have now moved away from that and I'm beginning work selling traffic on a CPM basis. I am keen to understand what verticals/offers work well with CPM as opposed to CPA or CPL? All and any advice and...
  20. pcloud

    CPM network for Saudi Arabia and Southeast Asia?

    Hello, Does anyone know ad network, working on CPM basis for Saudi Arabia and Southeast Asia region? I'm interested as a publisher. I've contacted a few, but it seems they don't have advertisers. Thanks,