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  1. Cpamatica

    Guide Sweepstakes: How to start promoting? | Best Geos, Pre-landers [Guide, Part 2]

    Hey there, forum friends! We're back with part two of our sweepstakes adventure! If you missed our Part 1, it's time to step back and read it. Today, we’ll share the hottest GEOs plus, we've got some awesome tips on using pre-landers to convert like a pro! Let's dive right in! Where to...
  2. S

    Microjobs sites for CPL affiliate marketing

    Heyy guys! Im a beginner to affiliate marketing so i was wondering if i can use microjobs sites (timebucks, picoworkers..) to get sign ups and generate leads. Does that work? Is it legal? Thanks!
  3. DatingGroup

    Dating Group Affiliates - Industry Leading Payouts up to $600 Pay-per-Sale (PPS)

    Hello beautiful people! Dating Group is one of the Top biggest online dating company with over 140 million monthly active users, 45 dating apps in our portfolio and over 100 countries covered by our products. Since 1998, We have been helping hundreds of millions of people live a more fulfilling...
  4. YamiLeads

    Looking for Dating, Sweep & Crypto traffic

    Hey all :D We're looking for Dating, Sweep & Crypto traffic. CPA, CPL Traffic sources: social, native, email, display Write me if you have it! Skype: live:.cid.61f595569bb3e20f
  5. Ana1988

    New adult affiliate program- Cherrycash

    Hi Guys, My name is Ana, I am Affiliate manager at Cherrycash the affiliate program for a new cam site we launched two weeks ago! We are looking for new partners to send us traffic, CPL, CPA or revshare deals- We are already working with a lot of ad networks but we are looking for...
  6. Adverteraff

    Affiliates Wanted New Offer + Global Smartlink

    Hello guys we wnt affiliate for this offers SmartBang - ,,, 0.90$ JoinTheDating - ,,,,, 1.20$ My Cute Girlfriends - ,,,,,, 1.80$ we have many other offers besides that you should have good traffic, Thank you.
  7. Zaid1996

    CPL offers

    Hello Everyone nice to be here again I wonder if you have any tips for CPL offers or recommendations because I am about to run a campaign on Facebook to promote it. Thanks
  8. Adverteraff

    Ask Me Anything Adverteraff we need affiliate

    Hello guys we have affiliate network and we need affiliates with good traffic quality, we have offers with different categories like Dating, Adult, Gambling, Mainstream and Cams. Thank you!
  9. MarketCall

    Official Free affiliate education course on Facebook Marketplace ads.

    Hey affiliates! Marketcall has launched educational program for newbie affiliates. Our Learn & Earn Program provides video guides and personal support from our managers to help you make first steps in Pay Per Call affiliate marketing. All participants will get access to Marketcall dashboard...
  10. Abril

    Looking For HQ traffic and offers for ES & IT (CPL)

    We want you! have you got dating traffic or in-house dating offers for ES and IT? Si eres un afiliado o un anunciante en España, ¡te estamos buscando! Sei un affiliato o un advertiser italiano? Stiamo cercando proprio te! Contact us now!
  11. Grunger

    Ask Me Anything Where to get traffic to a xxx webcam project?

    Hello to all! I have a new project. Adult webcams. When looking for traffic to the site, we faced a big problem. Advertising networks with which we worked on the CPC, CPM, dCPM model, debited money for generated users (bots) or made fake clicks. That gave a lot of attendance but not a single...
  12. Oliver H

    Introduction -clear energy switching

    Hi, I represent clearenergyswitching dot com and we are a publisher looking at new ways to drive traffic to our website. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions or traffic please let me know and I would be happy to discuss! Thanks Oliver
  13. epetoke

    New Energy Switching service CPL Campaign for UK

    Hey everyone, we've just launched a new energy switching campaign looking for UK traffic. This one unlike most others is a straight forward lead generation campaign and affiliate commissions are triggered on completion of one form. Let me know if you are interested and i will send you some more...
  14. S

    CPA, CPI, CPL expert

    I'm expert in affiliate marketing. with more than 5 years experienced.
  15. AniAffiliate

    Affiliates Wanted I need affiliate we have good offers

    Hello guys we have offers for: Dating Adult Dating Sweepstakes Gambling Mainstream Join Now and promote now and earn money with Affiliate Offers Network
  16. AniAffiliate

    We Have Good Offers CPL Join Now

    Hello Guys We have good payout offers CPL Dating Adult Join today and earn money fast. Join now and earn money With Affiliate Offers Network
  17. AniAffiliate

    Why Affiliate Offers Network?

    We are an affiliate network and have offers like CPL, CPA, CPS, RevShare, CPM. you can make money with your traffic sign up now.
  18. M

    I am new here.

    Hello everyone I am new in affiliate marketing, i want to start Facebook ads (paid traffic) can you please suggest me which type SOI CPL offers for my traffic.
  19. Adtrex

    Affiliates Wanted Got Email Traffic? Earn BIG!

    We have many LeadGen offers on CPL SOI basis. Payouts are HIGH, and if you have email traffic, you will earn a lot! Come join us at Adtrex - Premium Affiliate Network | Connecting Affiliates And Advertisers For Higher Profit. Or let's chat on Skype live:info_958052