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  1. Mostafa Adel Khayri

    Regarding CPI offers (Cost per install)

    Hello affiliatefixers :) I was wondering if you can suggest a network & Ad networks which support incentive mobile CPI (cost per install) offers, as I think it would be great to start with, I mean, I might go pick an offer with a $1.50/install payout incentive Geo targeted, and go to an ad...
  2. ActWebMedia

    Looking for CPL/CPA/CPI traffic

    Hello guys! We are mobile perfomance network working on CPI/CPL/CPA basis and looking for additional sources of mobile traffic for our best offers! Please ping me if interested. Skype: partners @ Cheers!
  3. Farazdaq


    Hello I am here to know that how and from whom we can get good quality traffic to promote our direct campaigns if any one have suggestions please do tell me Thanks
  4. thoithien1993

    Offerstester,com - Best Tool For Checking CPI Offers Tracking Link !

    Hi everyone, Did you try ? I think it's best tool for checking tracking links. You can register free here : offerstester(.)com and check your offers daily. I suggest you should to try it. if you want discuss about offerstester , feel free to discuss with me here ! Best regards, Lee
  5. M


    Hey everyone. Let me introduce myself personally and the network I`m working for. My name is Michael Koval and I`m Spartamobile affiliate manager. I`ve jumped in the business more than a year ago starting with CPC network. Being a native azquisition expert for more than 6 month I`ve finally came...
  6. A

    We are DCypher Media

    Hey Guys, I want to introduce you to DCypher Media a Dutch digital advertising agency with offices both in the Netherlands and in Romania. If you have mobile or desktop traffic and you are looking to monetise it, let me inform you how we can help you: - 1000+ Direct CPI/CPA campaigns (all...
  7. Nazmul Islam

    Looking for best CPI traffics sources

    Hello, I'm looking for some great CPI traffics sources for incent and non incent both category and fraud free guaranteed source.
  8. H

    Avazu payments

    I have good relationships with some advertisers , and they highly recommended my traffic sources I have worked woth Avazu for a long time and I assess their ability to give me payment on time very good They provide good offers My traffic sources mainly come from Twitter If there is pretigious...
  9. Jungletap

    Buying Traffic Looking for CPA traffic (for pin submit and 1-click-flow offers)

    Hello guys! We are loooking for CPI and CPA traffic - for pin submit and 1-click-flow offers. The best offers at the best rates are waiting for you. Please conctact us if interested. Skype: margo.jungletap
  10. J

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for publishers with high quality CPI/CPA traffic

    I'm now looking for traffic for our CPA/CPI mobile campaigns in most countries. Our verticals are app downloads/mobile content (eg. dating subscription). Publishers have both incentive and non incentive traffic are all welcomed. We can offer you with high CR offers and quick payment. Please...
  11. Jungletap

    Affiliates Wanted Holidays CPI offers :)

    Hi guys! I just wonder who working on winter holidays? We will be working till the 31st of December. Ping us if you want to take new offers ;)
  12. Jungletap

    Offer Wanted Looking for the best CPI incent offer

    Hello all! I am looking for the best incent campaigns with high payouts. Looking for all geos; all verticals except adult. We can bring a massive traffic for your campaigns if you have them for us :) It'd be great if someone know really trusted sources of CPI campaigs, please let me know. Thank...
  13. Jungletap

    Buying Traffic CPI mobie campaigns incent/non-incent

    Hello all! We are Jungletap CPI mobiel network and we are looking for new great CPI campaigns incent/non-incent. Does anybody know really good networks and/or media buyers with CPI campaigns with high PO? Please, let me know.
  14. Jungletap

    Jungletap is here :)

    Hello, guys! We are Jungletap CPI mobile network. We are looking for new opportunities to develop our business. We are looking for new partners. Please, contact us and let's make a business together! :)
  15. G

    Meet glispa at Affiliate World Asia 2015

    Hi there, Is anyone going to the Affiliate World Asia 2015 in Bangkok from 7th to 9th December?
  16. G

    Affiliates Wanted Direct CPI offers in South East Asia!

    If you have direct sources of mobile traffic in SEA and would like to run glispa's direct offers, please get in touch: or leave a comment.
  17. G

    Selling Direct CPI offers in South East Asia!

    If you have direct sources of mobile traffic in SEA and would like to run glispa's direct offers, please get in touch: or leave a comment.
  18. M

    Affiliates Wanted direct CPI mobile campaigns needing your mobile traffic

    A lot exclusive&direct CPI/CPA offers including app install, subscription, etc. which can definitely make you money! Really good payout you can see! All affiliates, media buyers and networks are welcomed to cooperate! Skype:michel.m2766
  19. I

    which are the best CPI campaign for a newbie?

    I am newbie in CPI Affiliation. I have approx 4000 users trafic in mobile app. So which are the best CPI campaign for a newbie. Thanks in advance. :)