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call tracking

  1. K

    Track Intent Media Publisher ID with Ringba

    If you have experience how to track Intent Media publisher ID with Ringba, please help. Can I track calls with Ringba? I am interested in from which segment this traffic comes from and how it converts?
  2. X

    Simple Call Forwarding

    Anyone able to recommend a cheap call forwarding/routing service? Basically I want to use 1 phone number to forward calls to two other numbers based on the time of day.
  3. Stencil

    [NEED HELP] Looking for Call tracking and routing solution for France, Germany & Japan

    I have been doing Pay Per Call campaigns for (Tech) quite sometime Mostly US and CA regions only. I was first using Trackdrive and then migrated to Ringba. But since the demand rose for Calls from FR, DE and JP ; I am looking for call tracking and routing solutions for these regions. Ringba...
  4. Crespo

    How to track telephone sales on a site I don't manage?

    Hello guys, I'm a newbie to the community and trying to figure out how to track sales which my website generates for 3rd party advertisers. I have recently launched a travel related affiliate site and listing offers for 3rd party travel operators. I receive the offers directly and not via an...
  5. U

    Call tracking cost?

    What call tracking solution you use and how much do you pay per minute for call tracking and routing with a toll-free number? Example: Tracker - Retreaver $1/toll-free number $0.06/minute cost
  6. R

    S2S tracking for tracking calls

    Dear friends, does anyone know about a solution for tracking calls with the help of s2s (postback) tracking on banner ads / offerwalls? So, when call is started / finished a postback is fired... Thanks! Richard
  7. ventoman

    [METHOD] How to Protect yourself Pay per Call Campaigns from Ripper Networks

    Might not be new just my 5 cents. Succesful Pay call campaigns involves a good amount of time and effort . Getting accepted by a good reputable Network is hard, geting ripped or shaved by one is awefully discouraging. If you are skeptical like me about certain CPA networks , and want to run a...
  8. scroogefrog

    Call Tracking

    Hi Guys! Today I am interesting about Call Tracking! I attached this service at my list of services but it is not very popular, so I want to understand why! Can you advise me something ? Do you use such services at your websites ? I appreciate any experience, So thanks for your answers! Cheers!
  9. T

    How to Get the Most Out of Your Advertising Budget

    As many of you know, advertising might be a little tricky and expensive adventure for every business owner out there. There are so many different channels to use, so many new tools that you can’t even remember which tool does what and why. Another two constant challenges for any business are of...